Would Anyone Care to Comment on This 1947 Roswell 8mm Film Footage?

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  1. Bob Wise

    Well…let’s see…”IF”, this is “real” footage…do you “really” think the government would “actually” admit to it?

  2. Pamela

    Excellent video! There has to be a reason for it being leaked now! With all the strange sights going on in the sky. I believe this is only the beginning of more to be leaked this year. After all, this is a BIG year for TPTB. Revelations said there would be false delusions.

    Why can’t this be a real alien aka Fallen One to deceive us? There will be other odd creatures upon this earth in the last days, along I believe Giants as was in the day of Noah, so to will be in the day when Son of Man comes.

    Hope we all have a strong heart!

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  5. tralaka

    they have a rather strange history they had all the science they needed and have yet but managed to remove their emotions as well as needing science to populate very strange.

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