1. Bob Wise

    Interesting to say the least. The only thing I know of that can produce that type of “lighting” effect, is that of a “plasma” cutter…the type that is used to cut through three inch and better hardened steel as used on Big Caterpillars. But then, it would be a “single” instance, in one place…ONLY! Other than that, I don’t have a “clue” as to what is going on. However, if someone could “post” a shot of this area in the daytime….???


    …supposedly to do with the kidnapping of “Humanoid” Giants found in the Afghanistan Mts.,(see; YouTube Videos of Skeletal remains of “Giants” found in parts of Asia, see also; Acromegally a Pituitary condition that leads to Enormous size, GIANTOLOGY.TYPEPAD.COM, also @ EARTHFILES/GIANTS/NEPHILM also see; ISHTARGATE and a recent book named GENES, GIANTS, MONSTERS & MEN by JOSEPH FERRETT) of course We know of the many Ancient Names of that Region, such as “THE VAULT” VALASKIA, HINDU KUSH, ARYANA see; the Oldest Records of the Aryans, the Rig Vedas, the Avesta of ZOROASTER (birthplace of Zoroaster also known as BALKH/BACTRIA) see; also MAHABARATTA, HARRAPPAN CIVILIZATION, ANCIENT INDUS VALLEY RIVERS AREAS, PURUSHAPURA-PESHWAR, AFGHANISTAN/AFGHANI-STAN/ an Ancient RootBod is an Ancient Name for another part of TIBET. p.s.”just some food for thought for all”) fin

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