Strange Slow Moving Fireball Recorded Over Australia March 30th 2011

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More aerial signs and wonder which remain unexplained appear around the world. This aerial anomaly, a large slow moving fireball, which was clearly NOT a meteor,  was videotaped over Australia on March 30th 2011. This does not look like a comet. Anyone have any thoughts on what this could be?

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  1. John Elliott

    I believe this is the Planet -X, AKA Nibiru. When it come about at a certain angle, it has been reported as a second Sun.

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  3. Lucanus Pell

    not sure if it’s the same but roughly 10 years ago i seen a slow moving fireball with a few of my friends in timmins ontario moving south.,.maybe slightly east and downward over the matagami river.,.almost as if something were crashing.,.it’s weird because we never really talked about it and were only 15 or 16.,.but i recently called 2 of them and they remember basically the same as me except for the date.,.it seemed it coulda been as big as a small house.,.and only as fast as a horse gallop.,.i looked for reports lastnight for hours online but found none that match what we seen.,.i find that hard to believe as it was 2 or 3 football fields near the bridge.,.it was still light outside and i don’t remember any noise or seeing it go past the bushes and out of view as it must have done? -Lucanus Pell

  4. Angie

    i saw the same thing in march or april of 2011 during the day. it was a slow moving fireball like it was going to crash then it started going back up. i have pictures of it.

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