Islam In A Nutshell (via Minute of Angle)

This pretty much sums it up. I agree with the poster. The sentence:

“Any excuse will do.”

seems to apply. Beheading two people because a Christian fundamentalist preacher burned a book is far beyond an atrocious response. We are now heading toward the utterly depraved side of human life. I see absolutely nothing in Islam that indicates any higher religious or Godly principles, from the routine savagery with which they treat their women, to using any excuse at all to murder, maim and behead good and innocent people who there to try to help them.

The real martryrs are the innocent people who died this week in Afghanistan over an attention seeking misguided American minister and his foolish actions. The blood and karmic accountability for this is on the preacher’s hands. And I am a Christian myself.

CK Hunter

Basically the following events transpired: Some pastor of a small church in Florida decides the Koran is bad and decides to hold an event burning it. Media sensationalizes it, and there is a huge uproar around the world. Pastor backs down for a while. Media continues to sensationalize the issue. Pastor comes up with another excuse to burn the Koran a few months later, and follows through with it. Media once again sensationalizes it, instead of ig … Read More

via Minute of Angle

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  1. J.Elliott

    I have to agree 100% with the statement just mad. I would go one step further and say that if a book were written that follows the teachings of Satan it is the Koran.

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