Stunned People Worldwide Videotape A Second Sun Next to Our Sun

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As if the first part of this video compilation is not staggering enough, [ a mother ship the size of several football fields flies over a city ]  wait and watch for the appearance of a “second sun” at about 4:58 minutes into the clips. It was compiled from videotaped raw footage taken by everyday people in Manchester England, Puerto Rico, Holland, and finally, Bangkok Thailand [ jaw dropping and irrefutable] footage taken from a sitting train waiting to move.

1) Turn off your TV, it is useless. There is no truth in it.

2) Wean yourself off of being a “consumer” who pays for the trash these corporations keep cramming down our throats, their sick and non-nutritious food, their ridiculously meaningless music, their inane and cheap “break in 90 days” products. Form a new world with others like yourself which does not depend on them and what they sell.

3) Start investigating what the people are saying on news portals like this one and pay attention. Millions of people all seeing and video recording these objects and aerial phenomenon ARE NOT CRAZY and they are not wrong.

4) Get educated in a hurry about Nibiru Planet X, suppressed astronomy, the government coverup about the imminent return of Nibiru, urban survival, rural survival, gardening, greenhouses, food storage and all of it. If you haven’t looked into living without the benefit of “society” NOW is the time to begin.

5) Get your spiritual life in order. If you don’t have a spiritual life, now would be a very good time to investigate getting one. Speaking for myself, I go straight to the top. I walk with God and I believe in His Son and His Son’s return. All the signs are there. It WILL happen. But we will have to endure an ultimate imposter first, I’m afraid. I can’t tell you why. But that is coming too. Get your spiritual life in order.

6) Subscribe to this blog and keep reading, learning, sharing and taking action to make new ways to live that will not depend on an increasingly evil, corrupt and dishonest federal government and their cronies. Stop being suckered in by “fake events” “fake wars” and fake news.”

7) Start listening to your heart, and then do what it says to do. one day that skill alone could save your life.

CK Hunter 3.31.11


    • CK Hunter

      People keep telling me this so I went in and linked to the video on youtube and I have re-posted the link several times – here it is – just one more eerie thing that happens to my blog when I post another smoking gun pc – they mess w/ it. In my Firefox browser the post shows up right where i coded it – at the end of the blog post but here it is for you:


  1. Ras922

    What about the star Betelgeuse, which is 600 light-years away, will already have exploded – and we’ll soon be in for a spectacular, and perfectly safe, interstellar fireworks show. If it is going to go Super Nova, well, it already has…somewhere around 1411. We just can’t see it yet. Funny how that works, huh One thing about the Super Nova. It will rise in the sky at midnight on Sept 22, 2011. It will light up the Eastern sky as if it were dawn. And at dawn we are going to see 2 suns in the sky.
    One thing about the Super Nova. It will rise in the sky at midnight on Sept 22, 2011. It will light up the Eastern sky as if it were dawn. And at dawn we are going to see 2 suns in the sky. Orion is only visible to the Northern Hemisphere and part of the Southern Hemisphere. The very bottom of the Southern Hemisphere can’t see Orion. What are they going to see? There will be multiple signs in the heavens. It just so happens if you live in the Antarctic, Argentina or South Africa you will see a double crescent moon caused by the Orion Super Nova. It would normally be a crescent moon at that time. What do you have to have on Rosh Hashana? A new moon, a double crescent moon. One by land two by sea. One crescent for the first coming. One crescent for the second coming. On Sept 21st, astronomers have a great big telescope. On Sept 21st they are going to alert the whole world that Orion has gone Super Nova. They will see it exploding in their telescope. We cant see it with our naked eye until it climaxes. I believe that in the SEVEN MONTHS life will go on as usual. On 22 SEPT. 2011, life as we know it is going to change.

    • CK Hunter

      The video is in the post – it’s embedded in it. Try an alternate browser if it is not showing up – here’s the link to it:


  2. howard

    there is a special bunker in hell just for those who try to protect us by keeping the truth from us and you know who you are let me ask you do you really think it will be worth it trust me it won’t

  3. Tamara

    Thank you Chase, That was excellent information and the fact that you mention your God is invaluable to Him. I really, really need to watch the video on the second sun because my brother had a vision about this when he was a child, he is 60 now.

    In the love of Jesus Christ,


  4. Bonnie

    There are several video screens that show: “3/29/2011 – Fukushima Fallout decays into Barium….”, but I cannot locate the video about “the second sun”.

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