Breaking: New HAARP Rings Over Perth Australia Exactly Like Ones Seen By Thousands in January 2010

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In January 2010 I posted a web article, video clips and related science documents that had captured the most bizarre aerial manifestation seen in modern times. The HAARP rings which were caught on radar during that event, which were seen and documented by thousands of people in Australia, along with radar technicians, astronomers and other scientists, were almost as large as the state of Texas. These man-made HAARP rings were colossal in size.

No official explanation has ever been provided for what these enormous “spiraling rings” over Australia were one year ago, and now, one year later, they have appeared again. What the hell is going on in our skies? We need to demand answers and explanations.

One year ago:

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  3. mak

    there’s a rumor going around, apparently originating at the top positions in the local government, that australian navy(?!) have dropped some nuclear devices in sydney harbour. i cannot verify this information, which i heard from a stranger in a sydney street. has anybody heard about this?

    • CK Hunter

      No I have not but there has been a colossally huge HAARP spiral appearing off the southwestern coast of Australia … I see you are at that post. I wonder how that HAARP ring is connected to all this?


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