Alert: Tokyo, Japan Is Now Evacuating, Radiation Threat, Citizen Journalist Breaks Down While Reporting

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This heart wrenching report by citizen journalist Johah70757 will cut your soul in pieces to watch, but I had to post it. Japan is evacuating, and as Jonah tries to report on what is happening he comes unglued. The situation at Fukushima nuclear plant is apparently now irretrievable and people are being advised to NOT drink any water in Tokyo and Jonah states that everyone is now leaving, or trying to leave.

Please pray that everyone who is able can get out of Japan as soon as humanly and divinely possible. Pray for Japan!!


Tags: japan evacuating, the evacuation of Japan, Japan nuclear disaster meltdown


One comment

  1. taka

    Hello.this is Taka from Japan.I live in tokyo.And now,very terrible thing is going on.You know,there are amount of radioactivity in Fukushima.But now, Tokyo is little than Fukushima.But Kawasaki(near Tokyo) city’s boss decided to bring the Fukushima’s burnable trash and dispose there alone.Kawasaki is near the US’s army base and Haneda international airport.So,this is crazy decision.But japanese mass media doesn’t broadcast this.So,please help us.Please spread this information in USA.My English is not good.Iam sorry suddenly.Goodbye.

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