To Love Is Never Futile: To Say ‘Thank You’ Can Alter Water Molecules, Heal the World

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The inspiring video clips below are more recent “Youtube finds.” Mystic scientist and author J.J. Hurtak had also discovered and written about the remarkable living reactive qualities of water molecules in his own research, more than 30 years ago. Read the first 4 chapters of “The Keys of Enoch” by J.J. Hurtak for in depth analysis and scientific proofs of the divine re-alignments of molecules based on directed loving energy and intent.

If the divine science demonstrated in these videos is solid, then theoretically, wouldn’t it be possible to create elevated and inspired musical tones that would literally de-radiate and purify radioactive water? Every scientist on earth should be investigating the principles demonstrated in these videos and applying their discoveries to the development of new and yet unimagined techniques to de-radiate and cleanse radioactive water.

The man or woman who is the first to develop a sound and practical “divine sound science” which will cleanse and re-purify irradiated water molecules will become the most famous scientist on earth, and the most beloved. I am planting the seed of this idea into the collective consciousness of humankind so that it will soon germinate and bear fruit in time to avert a nuclear disaster in Japan or somewhere else where the use of nuclear power has been established.

CK Hunter

P.S. I located a few interesting references pertaining to what is discussed in some of the video clips. Here they are:

Water-Charging -Group-Fired- Healing Technique (cp, 8/13/09)
* Introduction:
This is about a method of sending healing energy or prayer that is visualization based to a person at some distance. More accurately, the energy is sent to the water that the distant person will drink. It’s been shown that… as per the paragraph on *background* below.
* Background A – Charging Water as Crystal(s):
Commonly known among healing practitioners is the technique of “charging” a
crystal – by focusing upon that crystal, visually and through our hands, a healing
thoughtform such as “Unconditional Love” or “White Light” or some other appropriate attribute or color, etc. We also know that water is one of the most readily available and easily charged substances, that the water molecules respond as they align into a distinctly symmetric pattern that readily conducts energy flow, and that the “charged” water can be ingested for taking in the energy, as charged, for beneficial effect in/on our bodily cells.
* Background B – Summary of most relevant points from “Miraculous Messages from Water” (which is the source of the photos of water molecule shown here):
“We know that human life is directly connected to the quality of our water, both
within and all around us. The photographs and information in this article reflect the work of Masaru Emoto, a creative and visionary Japanese researcher. Mr. Emoto has published an important book, “The Message from Water,” from the findings of his worldwide research If you have any doubt that your thoughts affect everything in, and around you, the information and photographs that are presented here, taken from the book of his published results, will change your mind and alter your beliefs, profoundly.
From Mr. Emotos work we are provided with factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. …These photographs show the incredible reflections of water, as alive and highly responsive to every one of our emotions and thoughts. It is quite clear that water easily takes on the vibrations and energy of its environment,
whether toxic and polluted or naturally pristine.”
Note: The pictures shown here only reflect the best energies, or those existing in
more healthy water to begin with. Pictures of those crystals not so well charged look…well, not nearly so vibrant, to say the least. Those pictures may also be seen at the “Miraculous Messages” page.
* Organizing the Event Process:
The “recipient” or close friend or family member of recipient can choose and
organize a group of friends and associates, and meet – in person, by phone, or by email to work out the details for the energy transmission. All participating volunteers or “senders” are sent or given instructions/details, a photograph of the recipient holding a glass of water, and a specific day and time range that the prayer/transmission will take place (or specific days and time ranges if ongoing).
* Engaging & Completing the Event Process:
At the agreed upon day(s) and time(s) the recipient does sit and hold the water –
as in the photograph previously distributed, while the senders focus on the thoughtforms that are thus charging the water that the recipient is holding. Soon afterwards, the recipient drinks the water.
* Suggestion regarding amount of time for the sending/receiving focus:
A realistic amount of time to ask others to send energy is probably about twenty
minutes, especially if the recipient is to be holding his/her hands around the glass of water the whole noted time period. A more open time period (ie: “choose an amount of time between 11 am and 1 pm”) may distribute the energy gain and fall-off cycles too widely and thereby increase the likelihood of the concentration (some of the volume and power) of the charge will diffuse out of the water before the recipient drinks it. There are various factors that can be worked with as needed to open the time range up, but following through on these considerations requires more knowledge and/or experience of on the part of the recipient and/or senders than is included or referred to in this
* Question: Why send it to the water instead of to the recipient’s body directly?
Considering that the same energy, once received, produces the same effect, then
the water-focused transmission method is suggested because, *for some senders and recipients* this method may be a) Easier to visualize, or b) less complicated in terms of visualizing an actual effect to be created, and c) more believable, thereby less challenging to one’s faith, due to more apparent history and substantiation of effect (from their viewpoints). It is hoped that this method makes the process more likely to be initiated by and benefited from by more people.
* Alternate Method:
A sender may charge a glass of water s/he is holding, and visualize this water as
being the same as, and/or energetically connected to, the water being held by the recipient.
* Origins:
This group technique, based on various individual-based “distant healing” methodologies, was generated while working with a friend who has taken on some very challenging health circumstances. If you try it and find it works for you or yours, I’d love hearing about it (via It’s not meant to replace any prescribed health care protocol, of course.

Thank you, -Chris Pringer 8/15/09

Selected Water Crystal photos on
these pages include those from,
or charged with thought-forms
of, “Love & Appreciation”,
Mother Theresa“, “Fountain in
Lourdes, France“, “Thank You”,
“Beethoven’s Pastoral”, “Tibet
Sutra” “Spring Water of Sanbuichi
Yusui, Japan”, and
“Bach’s Air for the G string”

See also:

World Healing Prayers on Sacred Geometry Backgrounds



  1. N

    You have helped me before, as I stated then I am trying to put the puzzle pieces of life together while dealing with the daily struggles. However I am curious your thoughts on thoughts themselves. I investgiated the new age, which I know unserstand to be false, but one of the popular teachings is that our thoughts control our reality. By staying positive you can have an impact on everything and event in your life. Law of attraction and/or manifestation. Is there any truth to this? I understand ultimately god is in control but could loa and prayer really be the same thing?

    • CK Hunter

      Hi N,

      I actually do believe that we create a certain aspect of our personal realities with our thought and intention. What I disagree with in the news age movement is the false teaching that “Ascended Masters’ have a higher authority, or equal authority, or ANY authority above that of the Lord and King Jesus Christ, who is the actual Creator of our local universe realm and is the highest spiritual authority of same.

      This false teaching pertaining to a “brotherhood of Ascended Masters” has been cunningly crafted since the times of Blavatsky to fool men into worshiping something they should not worship. It is tied to to the advent of the final Son of Perdition, whom the new age movement will hail as the “World Teacher” when he appears.

      What was most troubling about my years spent in the new age movement was the cunning mixture of true teaching and false teaching which was all presented as one conglomerate. As to our thoughts, Jesus taught that it is what comes out of a man that defiles him, meaning negative thinking, the mental will to plan and execute evil, such as the Sanhedrin Priests planned against him.

      His teachings have many layers. Everything that ever came out of His mouth was true on at least 7 levels of universe reality, for starters.

      Yes, the way you think affects your immediate personal reality. When my head began to clear about the stupidity I saw coming out of the new age movement you would not believe the deep truths that the Holy Spirit showed me about the whole thing. If you study the secret life stories of many of the top “new age” teachers you will find such a mtn of lies and treachery against their fellows to get where they are it will drop your jaw.

      Elizabeth Claire Prophet, was the flavor of the week new age guru for 15 years in California and had a cult following of thousands at one point, corrupted her own family so much by her strange and debauched spiritual beliefs that her own children not only left her church, but at least one became an avowed atheist, her oldest son. Therefore the “fruit” of her teachings was not good, but in error. Jesus said: “You will know them by their fruits.” Such a simple sentence loaded with insight on how to separate the real from the unreal in the confusing international “new age” culture.

      But by all means cultivate immaculate intention in all of your thinking. Our souls are designed to create and manifest higher and higher levels of perfected personal realities (aka personalities) as we evolve. When we misuse the power of thought and intention we fall into the “left hand path” which is the path of self idolatry, self worship and satanism. I hope this helps.

      I could share much more but better get on with running the blog today. We will speak about this again I am sure.


      PS Here is a link you might enjoy:

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