Pacific Jet Stream Forecasts, Flowcharts, Monitor Radiation, USA Europe Canada Mexico

Clouds along a jet stream over Canada.

The Pacific Jet Stream Aerial View

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Top Radiation Forecasting Sites:… (click on radiation update)

dutch radiation monitoring:

swiss radiation monitoring:

Finland radiation monitoring:

French radiation monitoring: (thanks to youtube user: RehKurts ! )

jet stream forecasting:

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  1. wily2

    Yes, w/out doubt, we can bet that ha^rp will do it’s part in making sure that there will be an longitude flow W2E for as long as needed!
    Hmmm, whats all the activity around the New Madrid all about? One thing for sure a ‘middle of the country’ shaking might ease some shaking on the W coast! April, early May, most likely, remember, the ‘goal’ to reduce massive populations any way possible, will the Lord throw them a curve ball, He has in the past. If not now, HE will make life tough for ‘them’ they will cry out for the rocks to fall on them, jeepers, why are ‘they’ not in their ‘under terran’ metro’s? ‘They’ really could learn from Pharoh!

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