ALERT: US News Media Under-Reporting Actual Reactor Conditions in Japan, Nuclear Fission Possible

Nuclear Fuel Assembly from US operated Reactors.

Nuclear Fuel Rods

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Alert: Listen very carefully to the narration of this first video clip. This Japanese news anchor is referring to exposed spent nuclear fuel rods, and the steam is rising from the pools where those rods are located in at least 4 locations. The US news media has now moved on to other stories, but this story IS NOT OVER. The danger for clouds of radioactive steam, mixed with weather precipitation, to float over the USA via the jet stream, in successive waves, over days to come, is not over. Here is the video clip:

Neutron Beams Observed 13 Times At Fukushima Complex


  1. wily2

    Shocker! The madia (media) under reporting? Whats really interesting is the hues, tints, colors (orange and blue’s) being magnifyied in the ‘news’ video’s, hmm, kind of like the under reporting of the floods in Nashville Tn. and the goings on around certain fault lines, our food, drinking water. Those in media are Hollywood wanna be’s, they’ll sell their souls for a pot of pourage!
    The media is equivelant to barf, idiots that are saying, look mommy, look daddy, I can lie almost like Lucifer!

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