US Surgeon General: Americans Should Be Prepared for Radiation in USA

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Study the Projected Path of Pacific Jet Stream Plume: Interactive Media Projections

Radiation Levels in Japan Extremely High, Crisis Worsens

U.S. Shows Growing Alarm Over Japan Nuclear Crisis

Japan Nuclear Crisis: Where Things Stand 3.17.2011

Anxiety Over Airborne Radiation Drives A Spike in Sales of Potassium Iodide Tablets

Precautions Should Limit Health Problems From Nuclear Plant’s Radiation (March 16, 2011)


  1. jill

    I am having an impossible time finding information about Canada. Is the same true for Canada, are we in danger of fallout as well??? I can’t see how we could not be…. I live in Saskatchewan which is right in the middle, we might get the tail end of it? I really have no idea!!!

    • CK Hunter

      As far as I can tell by studying maps of the pacific jet stream, it may turn out that places like Kansas and the Michigan / Illinois and Great Lakes region may get the brunt. The jet stream fluctuates by thousands of miles. Study the maps of the live jet stream. Canada won’t get nearly the brunt that the states might get. See my other posts for links to maps of the live jet stream. Stay calm and use your very best instincts.


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