1. wily2

    This is no different than whats going on in the mid east, ‘these’ people are organized by organizers, the people should be ashamed, most are! The cnn, msnbc’s of media are as low as Lucifer himself, “they” will be forced to sleep in the ‘bed’ they ‘all’ are making, is humor of the Lord or is it His wrath for not accepting His Son, I believe it’s His wrath, why can’t all these freaks see what ‘they’ are creating? Can ‘they’ not see done the road in a couple of years? Is it pure hate? Can ‘they’ not see that America has already been robbed by our leaders (global elites) of all monies and the ’till’ is really dry now? What is it, the fuzzy math? The Lord would have to forgive S&G for His wrath if He does not punish this nation (yes, leaders too) for the out horrible sins commented as a nation and individual(s), we know that judgment is upon us, this is just the tip of the ice berg, the only thing (as Christians) we can do is to get our own life’s right w/God, then whatever happen’s we can rest assured, it is the biggest Harvest awaiting ever! This recent quake in Japan might wake some of them up and directed ‘them’ to Him, as this ‘site’ (ANF) has pointed out very well of events that seems Biblical (because they are) w/our solar system, quakes, mid east events, global and here at home it seems like a ‘no brainer’ that our Savior is about to take His Bride out of this mess, maranatha!
    *Lets Pray for another along w/those in Japan and all of His persecuted Church around the world and lets live for Him 100% in these final days!

  2. Hatchetman

    The media deserted the people many years ago, in America the media is only as liberal as the rich Conservatives who own it .

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