Sporadic Tsunamis Hit Western Coastline of North America, Three Huge Asian Earthquakes, China 8.8, Japan 7.9

GOES-11 Satellite Sees Pacific Ocean Basin Aft...

Image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Flickr

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There have been 1200 seismic events in China in the last 90 days. On Thursday in Japan a 7.9 quake and an 8.8 quake struck followed by a catastrophic tsunami in the early afternoon on 3.10.11. Videos covering this event are posted below.

This is breaking news and this post will be frequently updated. I was evacuated from Crescent City California (where I was traveling on my way north to Seattle) all day today, so I am late reporting on what took place, just got back online 9:30 pm 3.11.11.

Mega Earthquake, Tsunami Leaves Scenes of Devastation in Japan

Tsunami Damage to Crescent City California Harbor

Governor Brown Declares State of Emergency for Four California Counties Due to Tsunami Damage

Earthquake related Tsunami hits North Eastern Japan

A TSUNAMI WATCH has been issued for Guam, The Philippines, Soul South Korea and Hawaii on 11 pm 3.10.11

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in the U.S. state of Hawaii said a tsunami warning was also in effect for Russia, Marcus Island and the Northern Marianas.  It said a tsunami watch was issued for Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Hawaii.

For the latest tsunami alerts See http://www.weather.gov/ptwc/

Live Internet Seismic Server Global Earthquake Reports 24-7


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