Billboard in Libya: “No Foreign Intervention. Libyans Can Do It Alone”

Copyright 2011-3011 By CK Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

The Following are collected links, reports, videos and posts regarding recent events in Libya. I will update this post regularly.

West Edges Closer to Military Action in Libya

Gaddafi Hiring Armies of African Mercenaries, To Be Paid $300 to $2000 Per Day

Who Controls What in Libya: Maps

Tags: Libyan uprising, the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya, Libya freedom fighters, democracy fight in Libya, warfare Libya 2011, African mercenaries Libya 2011

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  1. ..

    As an English – no really look where it went wrong colonial – kind of chap – where does the”West” stop policing .. hell 90% of the USA has NO idea where Libya is never mind most of the NATO countries – anyone actually SEEN any of these monstrosities old rubber face is performing daily? Anyone actually know why a gazillion jets missiles C4 SAS Delta are in that oft ignored country -(in the middle East BTW!) no thought not – democracy is bourne of true information – u getting it yet? just a thought

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