BREAKING: Obama Administration Prepares Military Intervention in Libya

Copyright 2011-3011 by Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

Tags: US military intervention in Libya planned, Libya crisis, war in the mideast, US military Libya, Obama administration

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  1. wily2

    Egypt, Libya, soon Saudi A which must eventually lead to Iran, which all is a power grab for the mono global leader. This will lead to 2 hundred dollar a barrel oil which in turn will lead to the opening up for major harvesting here in the US! Israel is also sitting on huge amounts of oil, may be the ‘hook in the jaw’ for the alliance of Russia and mid east country(s) to come for the spoil! The ‘dollar as we know it will be so depreciated in a short time that ‘we’ and the world might be forced into excepting (maybe) a new form of the Dollar, (problem?) excepting ‘this’ Dollar might take some loyalty to some other than our (the) Creator! Pray always for Gods Wisdom, trust in nothing other than Him, be careful of what we read and see, take nothing for granted, especially Jesus my (our?) redeemer, deception is the new norm (not that it has not been before) will be some very, very odd, weird mind control(s) that could blow some minds, these devises (tools) are in place and operation, just not on the global scale just yet, this year (2011) do we not believe that it will be the year of what we have dread most? Trust in Him, He will give us peace w/wisdom as long as we keep our focus on Him! We need Him, we need each other!

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