Millions of Dead Sardines, Anchovies Wash Up in King Harbor, South of Santa Monica Bay

Copyright 3.8.11-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

In January of this year I wrote about incidents occurring globally of dead fish, sea lions, birds, and jellyfish. Many of these incidents took place in the vicinity of the New Madrid earthquake fault, and speculation was rampant that HAARP testing might have played a role.

It appears today’s mass fish kill in King Harbor California has been caused by a natural phenomenon instead. A red tide is suspected of starving the schools of small fish of needed oxygen. A link to the new item is below:


  1. Twana Casey

    FYI, the link’

    US Navy’s Earth Changes USA Flood Map, New Madrid Earthquake ZoneNLE 2011: What Does the Navy Know?

    has been deleted, no longer available, wonder why?

    • CK Hunter

      They are censoring the web left and right on all sorts of topics that seem pretty benign. Alot of the posts I put in here in the first two years are now awol missing in action. It’s media censorship plain and simple. But it’s too late now, the sleeping tigers have awakened. The American people have stirred and solid alternative news outlets are springing up like shrooms after a long hard rain. We will just slowly drip by drip of the truth put the old guard NWO lamestream media out of business. That’s my take on it.


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  4. Matthew

    According to the USGS, there’s a mud volcano on the ocean floor near Redondo Beach that may be spewing out methane and hydrogen sulfide. The fish may have been fleeing from the volcano emissions. That also would explain the sulfur smell. See this:

    And since the Christchurch earthquake was preceded by fish kills, there’s been speculation that there might be a large earthquake in Southern California during the next couple of days. Another interesting thread:

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