9-11 Truth Movement: When Racism and Truth Research Collide, Understanding and Insight Collapse

Copyright 2011-3011 By CK Hunter, Video Repost Courtesy of Youtube.com

The video below appeared in my Youtube listings today. I’m not sure what the motive was for releasing this new footage by the truth research site Cryptome.org, other than for historical purposes, but here it is:

Debate continues to rage about exactly who and what group or groups were really responsible for 9-11. Truth researchers are often faced with the daunting task of sifting through reams of reports, many of which may be very cleverly crafted CIA disinformation and political or racist propaganda, versus actual journalism and real impartial reporting, in order to understand who or what people and elements are behind a given event.

All evidence I have examined thus far points to elements in the Bush family crime cabal, along with certain elements within Saudi Arabia and the hidden governing elite power structure that I refer to as the Illuminati crime cabal [ the CFR, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, et al ] as being involved and / or liable for what happened on 9-11. Other truth researchers may take a different slant but the evidence is piling up and we examine each piece carefully. For example, I located this video today. It’s the entire feature length film, produced by Prison Planet TV and is approx. 1 hour, 55 minutes in length:

My research is inconclusive and most likely 88% of the real evidence linking these groups to 9-11 evaporated in the smoke from building seven’s controlled demolition. We may never know the truth.

Michael Moore’s film: Fahrenheit 9-11 did an excellent job of exposing the financial motives that the Saudis would have had to turn a blind eye to what was coming and help fly the Bin Laden family discreetly out of America two nights after 9-11, on US government chartered jets. There should be enough clues in the prior sentence to lead someone in the right direction when investigating this national tragedy and what kind of power structure was really behind it.

A color photographic rendering of the twin towers in flames was released in a deck of playing cards that accompanied a morbid parlor game titled “New World Order” in 1998, five years before the event took place. This would imply

This image appeared in 1998 5 years before 9-11. The card game was manufactured in America.

of course that the event we call 9-11 was planned.

Here’s a link to an article I wrote about this: http://biblicaltimes.wordpress.com/2010/12/19/ex-illuminati-refugee/

A fresh new flavor of “crazy” emerged recently when a local in my own community, began working on a former friend to convince her that “the Jews” in Israel concocted and executed 9-11 and that “the Jews” were and are responsible for just about every evil event taking place in the world, both presently, and historically. This kind of thinking is exactly what appeared in post World War I Germany in taverns and pubs in the early 1900s. It eventually led to a global holocaust in which 9 to 12 million innocent Jews were slaughtered like animals by people who were utterly convinced that they were doing the right thing.

Anti-semitism and racism appear in all kinds of strange disguises during times of rapid world change and uncertain future outcomes. But that’s not what surprised me about what I recently observed. What surprised me was how quickly my former friend took on this erroneous anthem of hate and racial bigotry herself.

Believing that the Jewish government in Israel instigated and carried out 9-11 is as preposterous as believing that all blacks in America hate whites and are planning to take over America via violent revolution. Just because Rev. Wright in Chicago shouted “God Damn America!” in a sermon, does not infer that all blacks feel that way or would act out in that way.

Combining the search for truth with overt racism is the wrong path to take to arrive at right understanding. It is deranged political extremism in it’s worst and most distorted expression.

Likewise, deciding to advocate violence or a violent uprising here, or anywhere in America as far as I am concerned, is also wrong, and I will continue to speak out against those types of short sighted and immature “solutions” which will only bring more harm.

If among my blog subscribers there exists such extremists who may believe that this or that racial group is solely responsible for this or that particular world evil,  I’d like for you to unsubscribe. You won’t find anything on this blog which will support your anti-semitic, or homophobic, or white supremacist, misogynist leanings. Further, I don’t support or endorse anarchy, I don’t support or endorse atheism, I don’t support or endorse violent uprising, or secret clubs and secret societies of any sort, as they breed nothing but trouble, even when carried out with the most noble of intentions.

So rather than “out” the hate mongers who might lurk among my blog subscribers, I will, for now, just ask them cordially to unsubscribe and take their off-balance lunacy somewhere else.

I can’t figure out why someone who carries around that kind of vitriol would want to read what I write any way.  After all, I am 2/3rds Jewish, not to mention that I am gay and 3/8th Cherokee. I represent just about everything that a racist or political extremist would hate. Haters and racists begone. Please remove yourself from my subscriber list.

If anything ever happened to me, such extremists among my subscribers would be at the very top of the list of suspects. Best to leave now and erase all evidence that you ever met me, and /or read any of my Christian truth research.

Chase Kyla Hunter


  1. Christine A Jubic

    [ 3.8.11 I received this reply to my post where I am asking questions, [as are we all ] about who was really responsible and liable for 9-11] I’m finding there’s an element in the truth movement of researchers who believe that Israel was responsible. A commenter left this msg below with a link to a video. I’m watching the video but the deeper you get into the more the factual evidence falls away and it takes on the appearance of “hate propaganda” against the nation of Israel. I am not confirming or denying any evidence and I am looking at everything, but the “proofs” being offered in this video sound both contrived and calculated to inspire hatred against the state of Israel. None of the evidence presented in this video would hold up in court of law. – Chase ]

    I am no hate monger but a lover of all people, and seeker of truth also,…and I like to look at all the facts as they come up. Bush may have known about the attacks, but here are “The Missing Links” – to The Truth about 9/11; http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7877765982288566190#
    If you want to block me that is your perogative but I would lose all respect for you, who also claim to be a seeker of truth.

    • CK Hunter

      I don’t plan on blocking anyone who brings fresh factual material to bear on the question of who is liable. What I object to is people making blanket derogatory racist statements about it. From what I have learned the men and women at the very tip top of the CFR / UN / Bilderberg cabal are all races and nationalities. Thanks for your link; I’m going to check it out now. I appreciate the candor also.


    • CK Hunter

      [ Later same day 3.8.11] I’m watching the video link you sent me. This video has certain elements in it that are factual and other elements that are highly speculative and would fall under the category of what I would describe as either hearsay or disinformation with the intent of trying to blackmail Israel for the 9-11 event. I am finding little hard factual evidence in it thus far that links Israel to 9-11. I would like to know who exactly made this video? Can you post your source for it in comments. I am still examining it right now. Thanks.


  2. Christine A Jubic

    CK I did some browsing around and found the producer has a website of his own. Here is a link to his contact info page and you can discuss the video with him directly. He also has a BlogTalk Radio Show where you can talk live….not sure but I think there is a link to that also on his site.
    I am not sure if he is a “jew hater” or not, but, (bearing in mind that, like yourself, I hate ANY kind of racisim, religious intolerance or prejudice of anykind,)…but even so, from whatever souce, we have to look at, consider and try to glean the fact from the fictions and prejudices – even when coming from the most dispicable of sources, we must sort out the wheat from the chaffe; http://www.911missinglinks.com/contact/
    I have been studying the history of the Jews for a long time, particularly as relates to the Zionist Movement and TRUST ME – there is MUCH more to it than is known by the general public, but there is SOLID evidence to show that millions of Jews were sacrificed to “the ovens” by a certain small but influential sect of (German-Elite) Zionist Jews that actually worked with Hitler (some even fought in his armies!) in hopes of establishing a homeland for themselves “and certain other Jews” in the Holylands (See: “The Transfer Pact.” ) Many countries were willing to take in some refuge jews to save them from Hitlers ovens, but it was this group of elitist Zionist Jews that STOPPED them,…insisting that the jews should go to Palistine “or no where.” So many who could have been saved were not. One of these “elitist
    German Jews was quoted as saying “One cow in Palistine is worth all the jews in Poland.” Even today in Israel, there is class division among the Jews and some are not even allowd to sit togther in public places with others, such as the Shepardic who are considered by the German Elitists as “lesser jews.” I know, it sounds crazy, but the evidence is there, and if you want I will get that for you also.
    In your ressearch you might want to also check out David Dukes video entitled “The Promiced Land of Organized Crime,”…for an eyeopening account of the capabilities of Jewish Organized Crimes (See: Murder Inc., The Jewish “Black Hand,”..and later, “The Irgun” and “The Sterns Gang.”
    There are good and bad in all things. To generalize is always bad. Stilll, wise people like yourself seek truth where ever they can find it, from the good (people) as well as the bad. As a judge instructs a jury as to the credibility of any witnesses, “You can believe some of it, all of it, part of it,, or none of it at all. Just because a witness many be untruthful in certain parts of his testimony, doesnt mean he cant be truthful in other parts. You are to reject that what you deem untruthful while at the same time should accept that which you know to be or believe to be the truth.” So even if you find this guy to be a real jerk, a “jew hater” or “Azzhole” or whatever, I hope you will not “blanket” reject everything he has to say, but will look for any truth among the lies, if any.” Thanks for keeping an open mind about this. There is much to be studied here and we must go nearly 100 yrs to get at the truth of the matter.

    • CK Hunter

      I would go further and state we need to go back to the life and times of Jesus himself to get to the heart of the matter. He called out a certain evil sect hidden within the ranks of the Pharisees and Sadducees and referred to them directly, to their faces, as the “Synagogue of Satan” in the New Testament. They were enraged and escalated their plotting for his murder after this confrontation. If you should choose ever to procure a copy of the Urantia Book and study the Life and Teachings of Jesus in the last section of the book you will locate many more details of what took place when he was alive. He was confronting an Anti-christ conspiracy and apostasy among the Jewish religious leaders in his day. There is some sort of end times karmic relationship playing out between what happened then and what is taking place now. I am trying to understand it all. Thanks for your research tips and any other links you want to add in here which are related, please do. I will examine all of as time allows. I will keep updating the post. Visit http://urantia.org and there is the entire text of the Urantia Book, plus you can listen to chapters on audio and it’s all free. I read the KJV Bible only, and wish greatly that so many other books in it had not been omitted through the ages. Something is still being kept from the people of this world and I can feel it. More soon.


  3. Christine A Jubic

    Correction to last sentence above:, that is, “There is much to be studied here and we must go nearly 100 yrs BACK in time to get at the truth of what matters.”

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