Lady Gagme’s New Music Video Most Explicitly Demonic Work Yet

IMG_0566 Lady GAGA

Image by SpreePiX - Berlin via Flickr

Copyright 2011-3011 By CK Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

I just happened upon the new music video for Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” CD release while researching another story. I won’t re-post it because I don’t necessarily want it to appear in the pages of this blog, but if you want to see why I am writing about it you can view the video here.

I don’t care whether my review is liked, hated, flipped off or whatever. This woman’s art form is revolting and her imagery is designed to exalt everything that is dark, while mocking everything which is sane, sound beautiful and sacred.

Art does not have to be explicitly grotesque in order to be ART. Elevating visual grotesqueness to an art form, a purely luciferian inverted art form, is what this woman appears to be doing, without conscience, without forethought, without shame. The pointlessness of her imagery is made worse by her blatant pandering to the global gay community with the huge pink triangles which open and close the music video.

Gaga you are exactly what the worldwide gay community DOES NOT need. We don’t need more macabre bizarreness, we don’t need your particular brand of explicitly demonic imagery and visual themes as a spokes person, we don’t need just one more deranged psychotic celebrity hammering straight America with debauched and disgusting visual imagery while screaming “I was born this way.”

I happen to find this woman and her luciferian art form utterly repulsive and I am not afraid to say so. She seems morbidly appropriate as an “opening act for the advent of the Antichrist” and I consider her rise as an omen that we are living in the final apostate era.

Sadly that is exactly the thought that occurred to me as I sat and endured the 6 minutes of satanic imagery and subliminals which appeared in her video, while she writhed through the music portion. I don’t think I have ever been as sickened by the imagery and hidden messages being broadcast by a performing musician as I have this woman’s work.

As an artist and musician myself, and as a spiritual being, I know that we are spiritually and karmically accountable for the kinds of sounds and images that we imagine, create and ultimately broadcast into the world. Gaga’s body of w0rk is becoming more visually depraved with each release. She keeps lowering the bar, and she keeps re-branding her work with overt gay imagery as she does this. It all makes me furious as a spiritual being, as a gay woman and as an artist.

Being gay does not automatically infer that one is intrinsically demonic, decadent, frivolous, narcissistic, addicted to pettiness, celebrity banality, fucking and clubbing, but just about every image in Gaga’s visual body of work reinforces those damaging stereotypes. Those are the kinds of stereotypes that get gay men dragged behind trucks in the back country, and get gay women beaten senseless while walking to their cars in parking lots late at night. Thanks a lot Gaga. You are doing everything absolutely wrong if you are trying to set yourself up as an international gay role model. You are more a role model for Caligula‘s life and times than anything else that I can see from here.

I really would not encourage people to subject themselves or their young children to the imagery in Gaga’s music videos. I find it horrific that she feels no sense of societal or role model boundaries, knowing as I am sure she does, that little girls and young tweens are influenced by her and are very vulnerable to her imagery.

I grew up in the era of Alice Cooper, David Bowie, shock rock, glam rock, the entire spectrum. This thing that Gaga is doing in her videos is a whole new level of revolting. No way would I want my young nephews to watch this video. I find it appalling that little girls watch it. This woman feels no shame whatsoever in what she is advertising in her musical works. Sitting where she is right now, on the edge of the final visual “bottomless pit”, I highly doubt that she cares one whit who she takes with her on  the long journey down.

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  1. Wily2

    Was there not a u tube video where googoo or gaga was talking about the demons that were affecting her, gaga has picked up where madonna left off. A ex illuminati fellow was that a lot of ‘these’ people are like mk-ultra’s, the messages in most kinds of music these young people are listening to along w/the media including Discovery, History, pbs channels are sending messages even w/o certain drugs. In fact, in might of been on your site?! The problem is these elite globalist that want to speed the process up, unlike the Fabianist (some anyway) who still believe (the Tony B’s and R. Warrens of the world) that a more conservative approach would be better. “They” are going to go through at warp speed at all cost, yes, Hell awaits “them” but we are along for the ride until our Savior takes us Home, so fear not, He still mock’s these little fools (I should say idiots, the Lord calls ‘them’ fools) so whatever happens, He will equip us whatever we might endure, He endured a horrible lot for us, He paid not just what we call the ultimate but He took on the sins of all men thats why anyone who refuses will go to the place prepared for Satan and his minions!
    The ‘rolling stones’ in 64 came out w/a album named “Satan Majesty request” well something like that, it had some very strange music (someone gave it to may back in the late 60’s, was not to selective in what i listened to) very alluring, very evil! Van Morrison (doors) was very dark, what I felt that the Lord had a hand in the possible demise of Lennon after coming out w/Imagine, seems like it was 18 month’s to 2 years, he does not imagine anymore, he knows, people have know idea how horrible Hell is, the Lord gave me a taste of it or at least a partial journey there, it was a total hopeless feeling, I’m not real sure why He let it happen, but one thing, right after a very profound word(s) from His Spirit I went back to lay down (12:30a) but I had a strong urge not to go back just yet, I believe it was a attack of Satan, I’m sealed w/the the Lord’s seal, so He warned me and later reassured me and He brought me (us, wife) through some very difficult time but I’m much better off from the knowledge that I got, little wonder Jesus spoke more about hell then He did on Heaven, It’s not a place for people, again I did not go there just going rapidly through this abyss w/these burnt objects that had like a brown tint atmosphere (a brown darkness), that was much more then enough.

    * You don’t have to post this, maybe it’s for someone, maybe not, my wife was at my side during the Holy Spirit deal, He does love us, we know for a fact His voice, He knows ours, He knows how to put His Church in one accord if needed, Satan has no love in him, he knows not how to show true love, hang in there, He’s coming soon for us! ! !

    * just in case you folk’s have that article on the ex satanist writing about their ways and symbols, could you notify me so that I can bookmark it? I’ll go back through your site to try and find it, it was very good, odd though, this computer acted up that evening not long after reading it.

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