New Madrid Fault Region Comes to Life, 4.7 Earthquake in Arkansas

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

Global Earthquake Report, Feb 28th 2011: Video

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  1. HH

    I just have to say that this earthquake WAS NOT in Beebe or even near it for that matter. It originated a few miles NE of Greenbrier, AR which is 30-50 miles from Beebe. If you check the coordinates it will actually pinpoint an area on Millcreek Rd between Guy and Greenbrier. Although I’m sure they felt it in Beebe the epicenter was no where near there. And NO we did not have birds fall out of the sky here-I do believe that was in Beebe but not here in Greenbrier where the quake actually was.

  2. Twana Casey

    My brother lives in Beebee, and it is correct that the epicenter was not in Beebee, but many of the recent swarm of earthquakes in the region have been felt, and yes this is the region where the birds were falling on the ground dead, as well as the fish a few miles away , dead in the water. The quakes are constantly occurring and are increasing in magnitude.

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