BREAKING: New HAARP Blue Beam Aerial Spiral Appears in White Sea Region, Russia: Video

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

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One comment

  1. Byron

    Interesting, clever? Sometime back there was a video (U tube?) over Moscow of this pyramid floating and tumbling, maybe a hundred feet above in the night sky, it seemed solid but also could of been helium filled like a rigid balloon.
    It seems that ‘project blue beam’ has some how eliminated the projected beam that creates the image. I understand the some of the ‘disappearing’ technology(s) used during the ‘daytime’ but projecting an image (unless the humidity is below 20 per cent) w/o visible rays is interesting under any circumstance. Back in the dessert southwest in the mid 90’s ‘they’ were playing with this, I’m sure that ‘they’ are using infra-red somehow. Also, w/o doubt, the use of satellites to beam back to earth’s atmosphere an image(s) seems doable. We do know that governments have been doing business with demons (opps, aliens) so who knows (the LORD does) what these control freaks have conjured up. The Bible says “as in the days of Noah” and w/this PX (Nibiru) possible having an internal atmosphere and the return of the nephillim, thats not even counting ‘those’ that are bound in the valley of the Euphrates. “Thing’s” will be very entertaining from here on out, I pity ‘those’ that have put there hope in any thing (or one) other than Jesus Christ. 3/11/11, expect S. Arabia to come under more the same of whats been happening. The Pale (green) Horse is being organized, the Lord is clear that the Palestinian’s will be destroyed, Damascus will cease to be a city and the alignment of nations will come against Israel, ‘they’ will loose a majority of their armies. What will be the spoil (Israel), surely not natural gas, could it be black gold? We think we know what happened w/Solomons wealth, what would bring the confederate to pounce on Israel, could it be the hatred of the Creator? It’s very possible that it will be oil. Armageddon will be before Jesus plants His foot on the Mount of Olives (that won’t be a war, no contest) but it’s clear, very clear, the next ‘big event’ will be the missing Church, then the ‘bowl judgments’ or His wrath really begins.
    It’s awesome of the number of Muslim and Jews coming to know the truth of His spoken Word and redemption, we are ‘that’ generation!

    Note; this is off topic, but the ‘pale rider’ will not put up w/the womens movement (NOW etc) and same sex appeasers, this includes Jewish people who fought for these right’s, no, I really pity and feel sorry for these people, I guess we ‘all’ make our beds, whether nicely or poorly and the Lord does say that He will avenge, our job is His commission, He did save a wretched sinner (me), so there’s plenty of hope!

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