Updated: Pole Shift Warning Signs, Multiple Natural Gas Explosions: Minneapolis MN, Allentown PA, Salineville Ohio

Allentown Skyline

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02.10.2011 Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

Evening, Same Day: Breaking:

Another natural gas explosion has occurred in Ohio, just hours after the Pennsylvania explosion that killed five people. These explosions are pole shift precursors and warning signs that the sub-crust of the earth is already moving.

Gas explosion rocks small Ohio village

A citizen journalist reporting on Youtube.com speaks about a natural gas explosion in Allentown PA, which has destroyed several homes and caused at least 3 casualties:

Earlier today I reported: “Breaking: Allentown PA natural gas explosion destroys several homes, casualties reported”:

#AllentownPA #naturalgasexplosion #earthchanges


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