Video of the Month January 2011: In Central Oregon Chemtrails Planes Two At A Time

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights reserved.

Tags: central oregon chemtrails, double chemtrail sprays central oregon, Alternative News Forum Video of the Month January 2011


  1. Byron

    Is it something like 20 million tons of aluminium & bromide? Just out of curiosity, theres a company here in N central Mo that does a lot of engineering, I heard that ‘they’ have modified seed that will grow well in aluminized soil not even to mention the draconian things about the death gene in seed. O Carl M–x w/his manifesto pretty much explains all that we are witnessing not only in the US but globally.
    We have the Lord on our side (more than enough) and He will freely give us wisdom, often through prayer AND GREAT SITES LIKE THIS!

    God bless,
    Jesus is our Savior

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