Citizen Journalists, Amateur Astronomers Continue to Report Bizarre Enormous Objects Close to Our Sun

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2.11.11 Update: new video post below:


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Earlier this month I wrote ….

I first began watching and pondering video reports from amateur astronomers regarding bizarre “orbs,” enormous in size, which were floating or orbiting our sun at nearly zero proximity more than 3 years ago. I actually disregarded these reports as photographic or videographic irregularities, possibly just glitches in the observation process itself. After all the sun is 93 million miles away, so certainly digital and videographic recording must flinch or belch now and again, right?


It’s three years later and the frantic reports continue to pour in. These orbs, and elongated rods are easily 8 to 10 times the size of the earth. The colossal “rods” shown in the first video would be approximately 50 to 100 times in length greater than the earth’s diameter.

Our species is being confronted with photographic and videographic evidence of deep space anamolies which defy our present technology and understanding. The only real speculation that I could make for the reasons that these deep space objects could exist, would possibly be the theory that a benevolent space force of advanced beings is accumulating the excess solar flare radiation which would otherwise knock out all communications on earth and they are standing between us and the radiation, acting as a protective shield, as we really have no present technology that can really protect the planet from the catastrophic effects of excess solar radiation, or super solar flares.

Our sun will achieve “solar maxiumum” in 2012. I am speculating that these objects are solar ray babysitters, looking after our delicate life forms here on earth which might be helpless in the face of a the excess radiation which would be released from a solar “super flare.” That’s really all I can say about this right now. Here are the videos. Some are from years past, and some recent:

Photonic Portal

In this video below forward to 1:39 seconds to get an eye-popping clear view of an unidentified “orb” streaking past our sun, which is clearly several times larger than our planet:

Unexplained Solar Orb Videos Page Two Continued…


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