US Navy’s Earth Changes Flood Map of America, Comparative Earth Changes Maps, New Madrid Earthquake Zone NLE 2011: What Does the Navy Know?

Earthquakes recorded in the New Madrid seismic...

Graphic showing the number of minor earthquakes occurring in the New Madrid fault zone in recent years

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

In early January, right after the first of the year, during the “dead birds and dead fish events” I began to get a very strong intuitive and clairvoyant feeling that something was up with the New Madrid earthquake fault. Apparently it wasn’t just me. Dozens of other truth researchers were getting the same intuitive “hit” regarding odd activity around and in the New Madrid earthquake fault. In the midst of all this, the truth began to emerge about the murder of American patriot John P. Wheeler. I now wonder what else Mr. Wheeler was trying to tell the American people when he was found murdered, dumped in a landfill. There seems to be a bigger story emerging.

This might also explain the rather frenetic activity at the underground Iron Mountain storage facility in east Pennsylvania to bury the nation’s vital records and historical documents underground.

Wheeler was apparently trying to blow the whistle on something when he was killed. Will the next New Madrid earthquake be an induced national catastrophe, a massive false flag event? NLE 2011 preparations proceed at a brisk pace.

The extended affect region of the New Madrid Fault zone is enormous, covering nearly 1/3rd of the continental USA landmass. These graphics show possible affects in surrounding regions if a 6.8 to 7.5 level earthquake should strike the region.

A Google search of “NLE 2011” reveals a plethora of official FEMA reports about their preparations and analysis of the likliehood of an imminent quake in the New Madrid fault.

I just located this latest citizen journalist video, [ see below ] I have decided to post it. The video is about 29 minutes in length. Watch the whole thing then share it. You can make up your own mind on this. The map is remarkably similar to at least 10 other “Earth changes flood maps” I have seen online for the USA in the past ten years.

FEMA is conducting an NLE, National Level Exercise 2011, a series of drills and events and their published data strongly suggests they are anticipating an earthquake, or possibly a series of quakes, in the central USA New Madrid Earthquake zone. If you live in the identified region for the New Madrid earthquake zone, you should take emergency preparedness precautions, have several escape routes planned and supplies, food and water ready in the event of a natural or man made HAARP event disaster.

Watch A Slideshow of Images and Graphs From the Above Video

Earlier in January 2011 I wrote:

ALERT: New Madrid Earthquake Fault Is Stirring: Largest Earthquake Fault in USA is NOT the San Andreas

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Earth change maps showing flood impacted areas after asteroid ocean strike in the USA. Sea Level Rise Map (Oddly enough or rather coincidentally the 200 feet level,

dark blue, rise shown for my current location matches the level I saw in one of my

earth change dreams. The 500 feet rise is roughly what I figure to be the 10,000 year flood level.)

Map showing the USA after supposed 2009 pole shift

Sign of the Times Forum thread showing pole shift maps

100 meter sea level rise map after polar ice melt (Eastern USA) (Europe) (World)

What if all the ice melts Myths and realities (shows maps of sea level rises if polar ice melts)

[ These collected “post earth changes” maps below show

various visions and premonitions of how the earth

changes related flooding globally will affect land masses.

I am making no claims as to the accuracy

or veracity of these “post earth changes” maps, I am simply

presenting them for readers to examine.

I find the subject fascinating. ]



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  11. Cathy

    I don’t think New Madrid will be the first, it will be a 8.0 or better along the
    Oregon coast. When New Madrid goes it won’t take an 8.0 to make the
    economy and livelyhood of a dozen states go into the toilet.

  12. Eric

    I really like the “new map.” I live in Colorado and I want to know how the 14,000 foot Rocky Mountains are going to be submerged. The Rocky Mountains take up a good part of the state that they have shaded blue.
    What a joke.

  13. Kay

    How is it that higher elevations will flood over the low lands? Seems like some of these predictions are simply not taking in any elevation factors. Sure there might be a melt or a flood or a rain but if land mass is to be affected, low lands would be the first. Doesn’t water run down hill???

    • CK Hunter

      In an actual pole shift scenario “down could become up” and vice versa. you would be looking at surface winds of 300 to 500 mph, and tsunamis of size and scale that would be biblical in proportion. Entire land masses could or may shift, tear, re-align and re-configure. I am aware of how awful all this sounds. but we have to face the possibility that this might happen in the next 50-100 years. It is possible and it has happened before.



    Has anyone tried to get this information into the hands of someone who can put it in front of the general public? News services, Public Radio, History channel, National Geographic etc. People like yourself, me and others I regularly communicate with are less than minuscule in numbers compared to the numbers who aren’t even aware of HAARP let alone the ramifications as described here and the outlines provided regarding the drilling for gas and the relationship to New Madrid and the BP debacle. How can the word get out in numbers that could cause deeper investigations and public awareness? Is there anything I can do beyond sending e-mails?

    • CK Hunter

      There is a quiet revolution taking place in America. Our mainstream media, now owned by just a few elite illuminati connected corporations and individuals, has not the least bit of interest in reporting the actual truth [about anything] to the American people. After watching this 3 ring circus, disguised as “news” with Nancy Grace ranting about murders and abductions that are now 6-7 years old, the nonstop litany of stupdity concerning Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, what Lady Gaga wore at this or that, anyone in their right mind who seeks actual NEWS would want to do something, so I did. I started this blog 3 years ago and I now run about 8 others like it. “Taking back the news” means the American people will just begin to slowly and gradually do a better job of reporting the truth than the paid talking heads on the official media, and that is what you are seeing and reading when you visit this blog. My traffic is quadrupling every month. We will put the crooked liars disguised as news networks out of business over then next ten years. It had to happen. When celebrity high society droppings become more important to report about than the most basic public health and safety issues, something has to give. This is just the beginning. Welcome to “we the people” taking back their nation, one post at a time.


  15. David

    Excellent compilation of info. Thanks for posting all of it. I am not sure if you are familiar with the ALTA report that Clif High puts out . His most recent one, #9 , is so far very accurate. I won’t post the site as it may be in poor taste to do so. I do feel though you may find it very interesting. Again, thanks for all of your hard work.

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