What Was the Real Motive for the “Ancient Aliens” TV Series?

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I’ve been watching the DVD series “Ancient Aliens” which was produced by the History Channel in 2010. I’ve had a very poor opinion of the History Channel ever since they aired the program which proudly “outed” the secret [ no more ] generational Illuminati worship of Lucifer to mainstream American TV viewers last year, who I am sure were both shocked and angered by what they were seeing aired on Prime time TV.

The “Ancient Aliens” series has been wildly popular, and the theory that ancient Annunaki aliens who were not terrestrial or indigenous to earth literally “bred humanity into existence ages ago” is now all the rage on every website and video channel I visit. This theory omits real true Diety from the picture entirely, and that bothers me more than just a little bit.

Knowing what I know about HAARP Project Blue Beam it seems awfully convenient that leaving God out of the picture as to the roots of humankind opens up possibilities that are quite horrific in their implications. If we are nothing more than the lab rats of an advanced civilization who left us here, who may soon return and may exercise their technological and genetic superiority over humanity, doesn’t that open the doors for even more global fraud on the part of their colluding hybrid offspring, the despised Illuminati? These inbred families, generational Luciferians like the morbidly wealthy Rothschilds, that have siphoned off the wealth of this world and hoarded it for literally thousands of years, could well be planning some macabre worldwide holographic Coup De’tat in the next few years, which may include specific collusion with their Annunaki and /or Reptilian Overlords who desire to perpetrate a fraudulent “alien invasion.” Doesn’t the KJV Bible flatly state that “Satan fooled the entire world?”

Before you get disgusted with this anonymous author and click off the page, humor me here for a minute. Untold billions have already been spent on HAARP technology and the American public has never really been told what this technology is for. We own it. Our tax dollars paid for it. Holograms of well known public figures like Prince Charles have been beamed into the view of audiences in Dubai from thousands of miles away. That was done several years ago. OK, you say, “and your point is?”

If the Illuminati infested and controlled US military can use HAARP technology to beam images of people here and there from the far corners of the earth, couldn’t they use the same technology to beam an apparent fleet of approaching spaceships into our local skies, igniting fear and apprehension into everyone who sees the apparitions? How would we ever know what was real and what was not?

And if the UN has Ordained itself [ how convenient! ]  since the late 1940s as the chosen “ET contact representatives for the world” as the ANCIENT ALIENS series states, designated to meet and greet these returning “genetic parents of humankind” [ or at least to meet and greet their holograms in a well planned faked global alien invasion ] , wouldn’t that provide the perfect pretext for issuing global martial law into place and clamping down on a stunned and overwhelmed humanity, in readiness for implementing their long planned one world government?

I did not like the way I felt watching “Ancient Aliens”.  The inferred social engineering was palpable in the series. It was all very beautiful, very slick, too beautiful and too slick. There was very little substantiation and very much glamor. Someone somewhere who financed Ancient Aliens and approved it’s production wants humanity to think that we were lab engineered into existence by alien Annunaki ancestors, and that there really is no Deity for humanity any higher than that.

Are TV Shows Like History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” Series the Beginning of 21st Century Illuminati Owned “Antichrist TV”?

Perhaps the more descriptive phrase would be “21st century counterfeit Christ TV.” There was a specific implication in the “Ancient Aliens” series that the God[s] of Genesis was and is NOT not the Heavenly Father that Christians love, worship and adore, but the Annunaki Alien Gods of high technology and DNA instead.

I’m not comfortable with the inference and I didn’t appreciate it being blasted at me throughout the series. Let’s be frank, in a word blunt: If there is a counterfeit Christ waiting somewhere in the wings for humanity’s concept of God to become so debased and befouled that we no longer believe Deity had anything to do with the process of our being here, then it would seem to me that television shows like “Ancient Aliens” conveniently play right into those kinds of debased and decaying anti-spiritual themes.

I could not shake the feeling as I watched this series that someone somewhere had gone to great lengths to refine these ideas and to package them in such a way as to make the whole package very “palatable” to an American Christian TV viewing audience.

I am very aware of biblical, Urantia Book and other accounts of human creation. We are species with some sort of deep and catastrophic amnesia, of that I have no doubt. But when a species has amnesia, aren’t they then even more susceptible to a contrived and calculatedly false story about their deep history and beginnings, for how would they know the difference without the help of their own mortal collective memory? How would they know the difference without the help of real and actual records from the deep past that have not been altered by human religious institutions, like the Vatican, in order to deliberately keep mankind in the dark?

Is the REAL reason that the Urantia Book was given to humankind? Or is the Urantia Book just one more piece of the collective mortal “replacement memory program”, a brilliantly executed artificial spiritual past written by brilliant but fallen Luciferic beings in order to convince humanity that we are indeed their personal creation, their Annunaki laboratory rats from 500,000 years ago?

I dare not proceed further without the most urgent prayer and diligent soul searching on this subject. But I am getting closer and closer to completing my personal 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle about the magnitude of the Luciferian conspiracy to imitate and implement a global counterfeit Christ on this world. I have been putting together those 5,000 pieces for lifetimes. I am coming to the end of my journey. I am about to comprehend how large this lie really is.

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  2. Mary Magdeline

    Ancient aliens did indeed mate with humans meaning we are they. We are the Nephilim. We ARE species with some sort of deep and catastrophic amnesia. The genetics were incompatible and it was like downloading computer software of today in a computer of 25 yrs ago. Not pretty. Pretty traumatic. Perhaps the series did not address the bigger aspect of a ‘Deity’ as you say because that’s going to really blow current society’s pic of god. In any case, you seem to be thinking clearly. much appreciated.

    • CK Hunter

      Hi and thanks for your visit, here are my thoughts:

      I in no way consider myself to be genetically “Nephilim”, so [chuckling somewhat ] speak for yourself there. I DO believe the hybrid Luciferian Illuminati families they left in charge are shot through to the core with the Nephilim seed, which was portrayed as an ungodly seed in the Bible: the seed of Cain. The ex-Illuminati refugee I interviewed on email before YT shut down her acct and she disappeared admitted that she was born into one of these generational Luciferian families, descended from the Merovingian line, which trace their origins back to the seed of Cain, and she admitted this. She has broken her Illuminati mind control programming, [ which she told me commenced in her babyhood ] has become a devout Christian and is trying to warn the world about the coming Maitreya apostasy. I felt it was purely the actions of the Holy Spirit that guided me to find this woman. How would I have ever known how or where to find this woman? It was eerie. I have written several posts about her. Look to the left on front page under most recent posts 2011. I also believe there is considerable fraud afoot in these “Ancient Alien” TV productions.

      Trying to convince humanity that we all “nephilim” hybrid offspring seems rather like a very large case of psychological “projection and transference” otherwise known as the pot calling the kettle black.

      I keep watching and I keep reading in between the lines. It seems not too difficult to me to see that there is an agenda here. They are selling something. The videos I found to be especially telling.

      Keep coming back, I’ll enjoy hearing from you again.


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  7. walker webber

    TELL ME why in all of this so called contacts , abductions, sightings etc etc etc TELL ME why you or i cannot see a real very plain and up close picture that is not blemished by something ,you just cant quite make it out . Beware the earth and all is doomed well yea kind-of but the end of the world???? NO WAY MY bible TELLS ME WORLD WITHOUT END!!! got it??? ONE MORE TIME THE BIBLE SAYS WORLD WITHOUT END!!!!!!!!

    • CK Hunter

      What are you screaming about? I read the Bible just like you do. Please go and scream somewhere else. It’s no wonder almost everyone veers away from anyone who self identifies as a Christian. Other Christians come to my blog and just scream at me over the most inane things. You would not last one week doing what I do for Christians and others who need an alternative news and media outlet. Please go scream somewhere else. You missed the entire point of the post, which questioned the “hidden agenda” of the Ancient Aliens TV series to suggest that there is not a Heavenly Father, just alien annunaki dna fathers instead. Are Christians just coming so unglued they can’t comprehend what they read any more?

      I’m a Christian myself, but I get so put out with the ranting screaming off-the-wall behaviors of other Christians I really get tired of dealing with them at all.

      Jesus never, not once in His existence felt the need to scream, either in bold all cap text or in person. Get a clue sir. Go back and read the post.

      Chase, disgusted

  8. Leo Phoenix

    Hi, I very much enjoy your perspective and articles, but I have a comment in regards to what you said about this show suggesting a nefarious agenda for leaving out “GOD” as to the roots of mankind. While I understand your concern and also have many reasons to suspect the agenda of such shows and the History channel, I would ask why its so difficult to consider a perspective on this concept where there isn’t also a place for “God” in that picture. Or iow, why isn’t there a scenario where both are true in the bigger picture, unless of course you subscribe to a school of thought that isn’t open to new data that challenges old belief systems? Why can’t most consider that mankinds concept/understanding of their “Creator”, may be in fact be retarded, misunderstood or corrupted/lost and that “religion” as taught in books of man like the Bible and Quran, may in fact be wrong and tools to enslave humans based on laws created/influenced via ET intervention? If there are ET connections to mankinds origin and evolvement, how does that negate the true CREATOR deity of the Universe? Just because we may have been genetically manipulated/dna tampered with etc, doesn’t mean humans don’t have a soul nor does it mean there’s not an omnipotent Creator or Designer above these “Gods” who had a hand in our “design”. Is the main reason most can’t comprehend or consider this scenario as a possibility, primarily due to the implications that challenge an outdated belief system that may need to see a deeper hidden truth or confront an ugly truth that might help awaken them from lies thats enslaved millions for millenia? Imo, I didn’t see where or how the show was really denying “God”, but rather showing a perspective that has some interesting/intriguing evidence to support who our true ancestors may have been even though it may go against pre-conceived beliefs systems and be uncomfortable for ones ego to confront. There’s even some powerful evidence to suggest the one who warned about a deceiver or false prophet appearing etc would in fact be, a wolf in sheeps clothing. Now I don’t want to make this a religious issue, but perhaps its important to consider the possibility and implications that humans have been deceived and controlled by a false deity in books that do appear to have some connections to being influenced by ET’s. So I’m asking this since you appear to question this programs agenda based upon the cliche satan having “fooled the world” as an excuse to dismiss the possibility, when perhaps the answer to understanding and fixing the problem of ignorance might be more about understanding the ONE who made that statement. How better to fool the world and control humans, than to come in sheeps clothing and instill a false story. So if your reason for questioning the validity of the programs premise is primarily due to a teaching that has programmed you to reject any new information challenging that teaching, can you not see the potential danger and perfect way for a deceiver to protect itself, enslave and control followers? and doesn’t the story of Jesus teach he was the Lamb of God? Makes one ponder all the contradictions in the Bible including the deeper meaning behind God proclaiming to be a Jealous God ;/

  9. Nomad

    Hallo all freeminded truthseekers, want some more bits to this amazing puzzle ?

    If so look in to this mans work: Seven Star Hand aka. Lawrence W Page.

    Please observe the words he uses and how they resonate within, patience is required cause some parts are tricky.

    The free e-book ” Finishing the mysteries of Gods and symbols ” sums it up and it seems that even if we are someones “labrats” someone has to be the reason they had the chance to exist in the first place and use earthcreatures for their DNA experiments.

    It´s funny that animals, plants and people share most of the DNA, but we seems to be the only that have 260 that no one else have, thats really strange.

    However enjoy your jerney and take care of your pineal gland.

    as commonly called: Nomad

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