Latest Nibiru Video Footage, Second Sun Clearly Visible in Certain Parts of the World

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  1. kvv

    I live in so california and we have been seeing strange round light at about 4 am. Wondering if it is Nibiru. Never see it any other time. We have zoomed in on it with digital camera and it looks very strange, Mostly red with gold greenish glow. Its bigger then anything else in the sky. I never see any night pictures of Nibiru. Is it possibly it is Nibiru?

    • CK Hunter

      Is there any way you can post a still photo or a short video clip of this object? I could then compare it to other images and videos I am researching and posting. Have you seen all the videos and stills of Nibiru posted on Youtube? There are now hundreds of videos up. Go have a look, just run a search. I only post the very best ones on my blog.


  2. CK Hunter

    Assuming these are of Nibiru, if you have an existing URL [web address] for them, just enter it in the comments field right on this page. If you don’t have a web address for them, open a free account on or any one of dozens of free photo upload sites. I will look forward to seeing these and I’ll look into it right away after you get them uploaded and post the web addresses for them in this comment field. Thanks.


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    • CK Hunter

      Holy cow Kim! I just looked at

      Um, it’s not Nibiru, but it does appear to be a holographic image similar to the ones that have appeared on the Share International website, which I have described in no uncertain terms as a biblical “false sign and wonder.” In other words, someone somewhere wants you to believe this is some sort of Divine manifestation, but what it is instead is a HAARP generated hologram. Look up the articles and essays on my blogs about HAARP, especially on this blog:

      There is a page on that blog which I wrote 3 years ago which explains clearly what HAARP Project blue beam is, and how the UN actually wants to perpetrate a phony second coming using HAARP technology to seduce humankind into accepting “Maitreya” as a world savior. They have been broadcasting this image into the skies for 4 years now, trying to create fake “buzz” about Maitreya. There are alot of Maitreya devotees in the southern CA region. But you have captured some very clear images of a HAARP blue beam hologram disguised as a “sign and wonder” in the heavens. Do you read the bible?


  5. kvv

    yes, i heard of harp and the blue beam project. But I thought that they were trying to keep us from knowing about Nibiru. I thought that what they didnt want us to know. And its out there right now. Why do you say its not nibiru? Is it not suppose to be visable?

    • CK Hunter

      This thing you are seeing is NOT Nibiru. It’s a fake “star of Bethlehem” created by HAARP hologram technology, part of the “fool the world” thing that the UN is doing to make people believe that this new age guru named “Maitreya” is the 2nd coming of Christ. It’s evil Kim. Read those links then touch base w/ me again here in comments. Do you pray? Not intruding but are you spiritual at all? Just wondering.

      Here’s a video of the exact same holographic fake star appearing over Malaysia 2 years ago. It’s a projected hologram:



  6. kvv

    OMG that explains why it moves in the sky and changes color. Wow, its gonna be hard for me to convince people of this, Unless you are really awake about everything its gonna be hard for them to believe.

    • CK Hunter

      I know. It’s why I spend most of my life writing and researching on this blog, trying desperately to point out the truth before it is too late and the fake messiah game is sprung on the world. Two links to spend time reading, and this is VERY important. Before I paste these, please know this: using HAARP technology they can not only control and manipulate the weather they can project any image onto any spot on the earth and make it look three dimensional. They projected a 30 foot tall “Prince Charles” onto a stage in Dubai from London several years ago and he gave his speech to the Dubai audience via HAARP hologram technology. Ok. now. Knowing that, it’s a cakewalk for them to create this little pulsating star and call it a “modern star of Bethlehem”. next – read all you can from these two links:

      then stop back by if you have questions.

      The Norway Spiral of 2009 was also a HAARP display – read about that on


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  8. Alexander

    Hi, Its up to everyone to belive or not, but I think that nibiru does exist, there is some smart people in NASA but we all have the same brain so think again

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  11. tiger

    These pictures are not Nibiru or planet X or any other planet .Its the center of the galaxcy , black hole, or superwave . This is commomly known as “wormwood ” or Hopi’s Blue Star Kachina.It signals end times .Nasa and TPTB want you to believe this is Nibiru so you don’t panic because it means the end of time . This sign represents the cyclic event that occurs at least every 26000 yrs in which mankind and planet earth under goes a leap in consciousness .

    • CK Hunter

      Know all about the center of galaxy, end of time, Wormwood is something else. Knowledge of astronomy alone won’t solve the riddle. You have to know the bible too. Biblical astronomy is a term that applies here. Thanks for your visit!


  12. tiger

    I assure you that the second visible light or star is not planet x or nebiru nor is it a holographic display .Its the center of the galaxy which appears every 26000 years and is known in pre history as “wormwood ” or Hopi Blue Star kachina . They both signal endtimes .With all due respect the answer is not in biblical astronomy, what ever that is .The answer is what ever the truth is . If you read Hopi prophesy and the description of what they observed and correlate with scientific data regarding galactic or star explosions , its clear that is exactly what the ancients observed . For those who are waiting for a biblical event such as the coming of jesus christ or god or any other savior will be sorely disappointed . The only way to salvation is to give up fear and the thought that the bible will save you. Take control of your life and through love and compassion help create the new earth . If you adhere to old and ancient teachings of subserviance to a false god and prejudice the outcome will not be what you expect

    • AstroNerd1953

      Thank you for the clarification. The Matreia object does require more research and study. If only a high resolution still could be found, or at the very least, several HD footages where we can reconstruct a better image through stacking or superresolution techniques.

      • CK Hunter

        There are dozens of high reolution images on the Share International website. that’s at … I am busy reporting on the possibility of readioactive dust entering the US via the jet stream, so too busy to look up stills and videos for you but they are all over the web. They are using HAARP blue beam teachnology we think to project these holograms, creating the fake “star of Bethlehem” effect. It’s time for you to start doing some serious research on this man “Maitreya” – go here to my other blog on him to begin:

        What they are planning is the fraud of all frauds, get knowledgeable on it just as fast as you can.


  13. AstroNerd1953

    On another note. It’s best to argue a point using logic. If the star was this ‘hologram’ we MUST assume several things: (1) Several hologram projectors (if the science has even been perfected today) must be projecting the same image on different vectors around the world (remember, the world is not flat), requiring an unbelievable amount of power and of logistics equalling the largest corporations on the planet. (2) Holograms STILL produces beam traces, like lasers when crossing the path of dirty space or water vapours (i.e. projectors of terrestrial or NEO origins). Where are they? Supressed by greater powers? Such beams would be visible to thousands! (3) This is the first time someone ever described a hologram that also produces it’s own light instead of absorbing/reflecting it at close to the sun’s intensity. An object that ALSO create it’s own optic flare is exactly just that: an object and not a ‘hologram’! (4) Ever have any idea how much energy you need to expend to create even a momentary ‘twin Sun’ on those videos even from a distance relatively close to the earth? Can you say Nuclear Fission?

    Kindly consider all the physics involved in all this. I respect your speculations if they are considered as theory instead of hard facts. Thank You and God Bless.

    • CK Hunter

      The “Maitreya” star of Bethlehem is definitely a hologram. What I am seeing posted from all over the world by amateur astronomers and videographers referenced as a “second sun” is NOT a hologram at all. There are two different things going on. The “share International” and “Maitreya” people ARE DEFINITELY using some sort of projected holograms to fake a star of bethlehem for him and try to launch their day of declaration. Go to the website for S.I. to study photos of what they are doing. These faked images are really easy to ID.

      What I wrote about in the post you just commented on is an entirely different thing. This celestial object, an astronomical object, which many have named Nibiru, is historical, real, is documented down the past in history going back at least 3600 years or more. For good solid research on what Planet X aka Nibiru is, visit and for starters.

      The S.I. website where there are tons of holograms which they are trying to pass off as “stars” visit

      Thanks for your visit.


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