More Facts on Loughner Emerge in Shooting Aftermath: “A Ticking Time Bomb”

Copyright 01.15.2011 By Chase Kyla Hunter

A comment made by Jared Loughner while videoptaping the surroundings on a recent stroll through the Pima County Community College campus sums up, perhaps, what was transpiring in his mind in the weeks and months leading up to the Arizona massacre:

“If the student is unable to locate the external universe, then the student is unable to locate the internal universe.”

School Releases Youtube Post from Loughner: “This is my genocide school”

Jared Loughner Frightened Motel 6 Clerk Night Before the Shooting

The Aftermath of the Tucson Tragedy

Chronology Shows Jared Loughner’s Movements Before the Shooting

Loughner Posed for Self Portrait With A Glock And A Red G-String

Sheriff: “Entire Neighborhood Knew Loughner Was Troubled”

Article Excerpt:

“Dupnick also said Loughner came from a somewhat dysfunctional family. One neighbor said he got the impression something was wrong with the young man the first time he met him two months ago.

“I told my mother I thought he was a serial killer the first time I saw him,” neighbor Jason Johnson told ABC News.

One college professor of Loughner’s told ABC News the 22-year-old exhibited such bizarre behavior — from random outbursts in class to scribbling disturbing notes on quizzes and tests — that he feared for the other students’ lives.

“There was one outburst when he just yelled, ‘How can you deny math?'” Pima Community College mathematics professor Ben McGahee said. On a quiz, McGahee said Loughner wrote “Mayhem Fest” in large, bolded, capitol letters.”

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