All Time Popular Post: Spiritual Meaning of 333, Urantia Book Truth




The number 333 can appear as:

3:33 am

3:33 pm

333 in any numeric printout, such as $3.33, or lottery number 03330, etcetera.

The word “crucible” means moment of significant choice.

For those who know and love God, the insight and knowledge you are exposed to on this blog represented by 333 crucible will either direct you into a final phase of pure spiritual 999 completion, and your soul will transcend the coming global Apostasy due to God’s Will uniting with your own Will.

( To consciously seek to unite your will with God’s Will is the most powerful spiritual force in the universe and no evil can or will stand against that union of the human and the Divine. )

Or… if your soul has not yet garnered enough inner true spiritual Christ Light, and thus cannot achieve such final spiritual completion, then most likely you will respond to the content of this blog with reactions of fear, ridicule, mockery and negativity, recoiling from what you learn.  You will continue to “worship” media figures, celebrities, movie stars, and talking heads. You will continue to live a fallen, spiritually empty and mundane  existence, creating personally putrid streams of negative spiritual energy everywhere you go due to your lack of  self mastery.

It’s all your choice. This is the ultimate gift of God – the inherent tragedy of human freewill, wherein you can create Heaven or Hell with your own actions and decisions every minute of every day for the duration of your life. You can either use your personal creative power with spiritual sagacity and wisdom, or you can misuse it in arrogance and ignorance and become just one more man or woman who is defecating their own personal trail of ifnorance and misunderstanding in life everywhere they go at all times, leaving nothing more behind you in your life than a line of chaos, your own personal debris field of psychological and emotional karmic pooh sputtering out behind you in life, from beginning to end.

That’s the result of freewill creatures who, en masse, and for the most part,  have no knowledge of God, no understanding of God, no desire for God and no hunger for greater truth, who live each minute as if it was the last possible moment to continue to engorge their most recent whim. If you are one of those fallen creatures and you are reading this essay, you most likely don’t even recognize that you are in this condition. You are miserable, angry continuously over trifles, you bathe your existence in high technology trying to abate the inner void, but to no avail. You are a man with a rudder, you are a woman who is drifting in meaninglessness. And you are loathe to admit it all out of the sheer enormity of your own ego, which has now inflated to a point of almost preposterous enormity, such that you believe your own pronouncements about the non-reality of God actually affect the real and actual universe itself, which they do not.

Even God himself cannot and will not save you from the nonstop experience you are having of sitting awash in the putrid inverted energy field of your own self generated negativity. That is the gift of mortal freewill. You can make just as huge of a mess with your human existence as you choose to.  Or you can turn it all around. Just as the lovely lady speaks so wisely in the film “Vanilla Sky“:


333 will eventually either point you straight into the right direction: to fall in God’s arms in your own heart, to love him, to know His deep and abiding eternal love for you, to live for him, to be close to his heart in all you do and say, to commit your life to good works by FAITH in the spiritual actuality of His Son’s Divinity, (orthodox Christians refer to this as being “spiritually born again,” conquering the inner carnal man) or it will put you back into the spiritually inverted retrograde vibration of 666, the antichrist frequency, the earthbound negative frequency of the hatred of all things truly Christlike, which throws you back into the lower realms of the current third dimensional plane on planet earth.

At this particular time on the earth, the physical plane is manifesting the inverted negative vibration of 666 everywhere you go and everywhere you look.The Hindus call this period of rising darkness the “Kali Yuga.”

The open hatred of the universal vibration of of the true Christ, which resonates to a 999 number, is everywhere in popular media and culture. The new world order hidden global elite are a band of [formerly angelic, now fully inverted ]  souls who fell with Lucifer 200,000 years ago during the original Lucifer Rebellion.This original rebellion was the third rebellion in our local creation since it’s inception and it occurred at the system level. [ The local system capital of this small neighborhood of several hundred evolving worlds in located on the star Sirius Major, thus the many ancient legends you will read of from time to time where ancient beings of great wisdom visited earth and told local tribes they hailed from Sirius. ]

This band of hybrid Nephilim souls who fell with Lucifer have continued to hate the spiritual authority of Christ for ages. Their governance here on earth fell apart 200,000 years ago when this world’s ruling spiritual prince decided to throw his lot in with Lucifer and joined in the system level insurrection. You can read more details about this ancient spiritual holocaust on earth in The Urantia Book, and you can read the word of mouth oral version of it in the King James Version Holy Bible.

These anicent souls who fell with Lucifer were trapped on this world after they defaced through joining and cooperating in the Lucifer Rebellion.They have acted as hidden and dark overlords to the people on earth from far distant times. They are the modern day descendants of the original Annunaki and Nephilim bloodlines, the fallen seed, aka the “seed of Cain.”

Some of these souls were incarnate when Jesus was alive, and they conspired to put him to death during his brief life on earth as the corrupted Sanhedrin Priesthood of the day, (Jesus referred to them as those who were of the “Synagoue of Satan” , also known as the “tares among the wheat”) and they are incarnate again today in our times, as the hidden NWO elite power structure – the movers and shakers behind the scenes who puppetter people like Barack Obama, and who are using the global mainstream media ( the mouthpiece of the Beast) to guide this world directly into the approaching calamity of a global apostasy which will test the very foundations of this world.

The negative frequency band of 666 can instantly be conquered by true, sincere and devout heartfelt prayer. Begin with the Lord’s Prayer spoken aloud with fervent devotion three times, three times a day – morning – noon – and night.

Live the 10 commandments. It’s not hard! It’s not hard to stop living like an animal, and begin to live like an upright man or woman, doing the right thing.

Your soul knows how to guide you, but you must listen and then be obedient to those spiritual urgings. Then act on what you know to be right. Study your Bible and other supporting sacred Christian texts which support the cosmic fact of the spiritual authority and Divine Sonship of Jesus of Nazareth, and leave off worshipping things which should not be worshipped, and you know exactly what those things are. Stop worshiping people! Celebrities cannot give you a thing other than the desire to mimic their fashions and empty dispositions. Wake up from your TV celebrity worship trance! Snap out of it and wake up.

Then make a conscious and determined spiritual decision to remove yourself from all persons, situations, activities, TV, video, movie media and entertainment, and internet content which exalts and advertises hatred,  death, dying, malice, lies, gossip, deceit, duplicity, infidelity, murder, pedophilia, corruption, canard, personal negativity and hatred of the essence of Jesus Christ and His spiritual authority in our local universe creation. Just being able to complete this act alone of eliminating all external sources of “sin induction social engineering” which are created and blasted at you by the Nephilim owned world media will do wonders for your soul’s general spiritual health.

Continue each day to make  a conscious spiritual decision – 333 – to move toward Jesus Christ and away from the great lie of 666 by reading about Jesus’ amazing but short and strenuous existence on earth.

Surround yourself with goodness, good people, goodwill, good projects and ideas, and by all means remove yourself from the 666 infested world popular media and entertainment system, which spews decadence into the atmosphere 24-7. Surround yourself with good strong spiritual people of God, and eliminate the sources of negativity in your life by removing yourself from those situations. Do whatever it takes. Break a spiritual sweat for once. Take your spiritual life seriously, and stop sitting on the fence.

The living essence of the Presence of God lives within you as “that true light which lights every man who comes into the world.” Adore and protect that inner light by living according to it’s inner leadings. If you love God, your soul KNOWS exactly what to do. Act on what your soul is now urging you to do. And thank you for coming here, and having the courage to examine the documents on this blog and my others.  God bless and keep you safe from all harm.

Chase Kyla Hunter

Updated 01.23.2011

Spiritual References and Further Reading:

The Urantia Book: The Fifth Epochal Revelation of God to Man for the Next One Thousand Year Millennial Reign of Christ Upon the Earth

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  5. Bryan Scott Butler

    333 (3 + 3 + 3 = 9) or in its truest form 111111111.

    3 (steps for the body) = no sacrifice (due to the perception of only enemies), some sacrifice (due to the perception of neighbors), sacrifice for all (understanding one family). (0-100%)

    3 (steps for the soul) = no love (due to the perception of only enemies), conditional love (due to the perception of neighbors), unconditional love (understanding one family). (0-100%)

    3 (steps for the mind) = absence of truth, individual truth, the universal truth. (0-100%)

    I believe the point of harvest is the mental, physical, and spiritual completion of growth.

    All three’s can be broken down into smaller ones or united to create the largest ONE. One body, soul, and mind. Love your family, neighbor, and enemy for God is the Largest ONE which all smaller ones belong too.

    There are so many fascinatingly passionate, wise, and experienced people sharing their unquestionable knowledge throughout the world. The sea can be pretty rough from time to time. Individuals being tossed around by the unforgivingly turbulent storm of earthly despair. What intense paddle breaking storms they can be. Shouting from boat to boat; words being misunderstood; volatile winds chopping messages into little pieces; sometimes very few fragments of self supporting relatable environmental observations allow certain conversations to continue; individuals being dragged down towards the bottom, swallowed by the sea; messages of hope, and calmness, sometimes fade away while riding on the back of the howling winds.

    You are not from that world, we are from another world and we have armies within us that will come and fight at a moments notice. A soldier of hope to fight despair; a soldier of calmness to fight the panic; a soldier of love to fight the hate; a soldier of understanding to fight condemnation; a soldier of humbleness to fight arrogance; a soldier to turn the other cheek and fight a soldier who is lost in the devastatingly isolated world of kill or be killed; a soldier to peacefully sacrifice and fight a soldier of no sacrifice; a soldier to unsheathe protection for all and breath life back into a soldier of only self preservation; a soldier of encouragement to fight discouragement; a soldier of tolerance to fight intolerance… We step out of our boats one by one, walk on water, and continue heal those who are dead or dying. We step off and down from the boulders from which we speak to fight arrogance with that action of humbleness. We continuously fight evil with what is courageously good; within us and outside of us. We are from a different world; the world within us has no storm reeking havoc; a tranquil peace and calmness amongst the outside storm. It is easy to be consumed by the unforgiving and hellishly merciless condemnation of this earthly world. A thunderous windstorm of hail, fire, and brimstone created out of the raging outcries of earthly distress. If focus is lost and we allow the sadness to gain ground the storm will rage within us and we will surely die. We can lose battles, love can turn to hate, calmness can turn to frustration, our soldiers of light can die but only if we surrender to the lower levels of the temporarily fearful and dispiritedly isolated. As the potentially frightening storm rages we can begin to sink into the maddeningly murky waters. Hopefully our heads will not completely submerge (becoming one of the dead in this water grave of complete hopelessness). All will be well; hopelessness will turn into trust and then into humbly living the universal loving truth once again. The dead can and will always be brought back to life.

    What brilliantly thought provoking experiences you all must be trustfully putting forth every day of your life, thanks for sharing your continuous passage of existence and eternal energy; rippling out in all directions effecting everyone.

    Our time on earth will come to an end, sooner or later and one way or another. Our bodies will continue to age into the inevitable. Death is not something to be feared for out of death life must be born again. We can’t have one without zero and we can’t have zero without one, they are eternally connected. Our wholeness, zero onto one-hundred percent, continues to unfold in all possible directions and dimensions; just as everything else in existence has, is, and will continue to do. There are exactly as many life experiences to live as there are individual choices, colors, temperatures, frequencies, rays of light and elements; they all have the same number of components. For each choice another dimension is added. Our complete being is blissfully satisfied. Our wholeness is shaped like the earth; not a flat line of deathfully static permanence, or a singular line of recurrence. Our energy never dies, it continuously transfers into something embracingly warm and beautiful. Our individual lives are but a finger tip of our completeness incased in this physically unavoidable journeyed and experienced gaining body; merely part of our complete being. Time is the illusion and we all return to our completeness upon leaving this necessary piece of our complete existence; indestructible and always complete. We hover over head, like a gardening angel, waiting to reclaim what belongs to us. We all have are successful part to play in this eternally recurring and inexhaustible existence. We are each intertwined and dependent upon each other for growth. We each have an honorable sacrificial role to play in this unfolding environmental influence upon others; like vital steps of sectionally woven individuals, kindredly sacrificed for all growth internal and external. Unwilling to sacrifice for anyone, will evolve into willingly sacrificing for some, and then into willingly sacrificing for all (that is every possibility). Without sacrifice there would be no growth. Sacrifice is unavoidable even if we unwillingly go kicking and screaming. There is no greater enlightened love then willingly sacrificing for our family (everyone), who is part of everything. What is done to the least is done to the most. Likewise, what is done for the least is done for the most. The beginning and the end have already happened, time is the illusion. (There is the best of us and the worst of us, 0-100 %). Forever humbling. Life has, was, and will be an unfolding exploratory adventure held within the palms of unconditional love (that is the greatest gift of life).

    There are only so many possible answers to the question of existence. Either there is only infinite, only everything, both, or neither. That is “everything” when it comes to those possibilities. Possibilities are not infinite. Every possibility is, was, and will be explored forever. The mind, body and emotions expand and contract as does the universe. The answer to the question of existence is both, everything and infinity. Infinity occurs within the boundaries of everything. The universal truth binds everything and infinity together for eternity.

    Infinity and everything work together like the constant rising and falling between fallen and risen. It is not a matter of one or the other. The symbol for infinity is also the symbol for everything; “the universal infinity symbol of truth” (everything, infinity, and the universal truth bind one another together for eternity). The exact number for everything, i.e., all of existence is calculable, both in its most simplistic and complicated form. I hope this book brings everyone endless joy and everlasting peace of mind. You may be surprised by where the universal truth takes you. There are as many different individual paths to take as there are individual colors but they all lead to the same enlightening place (Everything and Infinity).

    This is a Goliath world and this book is but a small stone in my sling

    peace be with you all,

    Bryan Scott Butler

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