Updated 01.26 More Dead Fish! Millions of Fish, Thousands of Birds Dead, More Reports Come In

Youtube videos posted on 01.07.2011 By Chase Kyla Hunter

Update 01.26 A new fish kill has been reported on Vancouver Island today. Here is the video:

Now: Have a look at this link and ponder the possibilities:


[ See my first post on this story for more info. ]

In an ominous moment, New Year’s Eve this 2010 brought the strangest portent for 2011. Everyone is speculating as to what this could mean and why it is taking place.Thousands of dead birds dropped from the sky in Beebe Arkansas, and that’s not all. They are falling from the sky in at least a half dozen other locations globally. Add to that millions of sea creatures, starfish, jellyfish, and fish of all kinds, are also washing up on shorelines around the world. The breaking news about the millions of dead birds falling from the sky and millions of dead fish washing up on shorelines around the world just gets worse as the hours pass. I have now identified nearly a dozen events in different locations in just the past two days. Dead birds and / or fish have been found in the following locations:

New York City [Brooklyn, Queens]

New Jersey











New Hampshire




Hong Kong


New Zealand

San Francisco

Coast of Parana

Great Britain


I have just located video from 2007 that reported a similar story. Millions of dead birds fell from the sky in Russia and other locales in 2007:

Here are the latest videos for 2011 bird and fish kills I can find on this story:  01.07.2011 Update

Related Story:

Why Are the Fish and Birds Dying?

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  5. Anthony Hendricks

    Hello, lets get to the point. Everyone is just now making a connection to HAARP. You and I both know what HAARP is and why it is considered disastrous. There are now a recorded amount of HAARP projects globally going on. I can’t give you an explanation of why these birds and submarine animals have been dying but your networking on the subjects is more vast than mine. If my opinion makes any difference to you I would suggest to get in contact with anyone who could make the connection. If someone was residing close to an area where HAARP was being tested they could possibly see a change in the shy because of the tampering of the ionosphere. Also, I seen a news report of a kid who was trying to help kill mosquito larva with a pulsation device. If I remember correctly it has the same basic waves as HAARP. Maybe that can explain why it can happen above ground and underwater.

    Thank you,
    Anthony Hendricks

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