New Sinkholes Appeared All Over the World in 2010: Another Portent of Nibiru’s Arrival?

Copyright 01.05.2011 By CK Hunter

In my most recent post I examined briefly the new activity of the New Madrid earthquake fault which stretches over most of the central eastern USA. Maps in that post delineate the boundaries of this enormous fault line region. In one of the video clips I cited from “ZETA Reports,” the author links the appearance of large new sinkholes all over the world due to the gravitational pull and fault line disruptions caused by the approach of Nibiru Planet X and it’s closer proximity to earth’s orbit. I decided to examine Youtube video information which is current to January 2011 pertaining to these sinkholes and the approach of Nibiru. It would appear that in the past 40 years there has been a profusion of NEW sinkholes appearing all over the earth. This is a definite geological anomaly and cannot be explained away as a normal event. It is not a normal event for a new sinkhole to suddenly open up in a matter of days or even hours, engulfing an entire house, or an SUV, or actually become larger than several football fields in size. Watch the videos and see for yourself what I am talking about.

Below are some of my findings. This page will be updated as I locate more evidence for this theory.

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  2. authoron

    I have studied the biblical prophesies about the end of the world and I know about the Mayan calendar and the Hopi prophesy but who prophesied about planet X? I have no trouble with government cover ups, that’s their job, to fool the people, but I am interested in knowing more about this planet X How close will it get to Earth etc etc. I believe it is supposed to be visible in the night sky by small scope — If that is true – where do I look for it–what quadrant?


    • CK Hunter

      Ron last night I published at least 4 new posts about this topic. In those posts are at least a dozen videos. In one of those videos the researcher gives the exact co-ordinates for seeing Nibiru. It has been censored in Google Sky with a big black square patch, but there are other astronomy apps that may still be showing it. I am presently compiling all the verses in the old and new testament which refer to astronomical events. The pole shift is described in the Bible several times. Those posts will go up later this spring. Go the the front page of the site and read the most recent last 6 posts, and you will find the video that has those coordinates in it. Post what you find in the comments field. Thanks.


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