Jack Black: “Who Wants to Pray to the Devil With Me?” 2009 MTV Music Awards

Jack Black in November 2007

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I am currently examining satanic and totalitarian imagery in the American music industry. There is nothing hidden or even secretive about the satanic imagery in most pop music videos, especially videos made by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I am also pretty suspicious of Taylor Swift‘s odd hand signs and some of her garments and poses, but this post will focus on Jack Black, Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

Here’s an example of what I am saying. Nothing is hidden or veiled any longer about the goals and motives of the music industry in America. Jack Black‘s actions at the 2009 MTV Music Awards set a new “low bar” for public behavior, and I am stunned I have not seen more media articles about this.

Veiled as comedy, during the 2009 MTV Music Awards,Jack Black took the stage, raised his arms, flashed the Illuminati Satan sign with both hands, and then shouted out and invited the entire audience to ” pray to the devil” with him. I did NOT find this very funny.

In fact, I found it to be quite disturbing. Indoctrination and dark occult initiation can be hidden by the apparent mindlessness of contemporary entertainment, even in apparent comedy.

In fact, as I study various popular TV sitcoms, I often see re-occurring instances of entertainment and comedy being used as a way to introduce hypnotic occult suggestions, initiation rites, fascist or totalitarian thought forms, and all sorst of other dark and ungodly imagery that is, in fact, on some level, socially engineering  an unsuspecting viewer to think that these kinds of displays are innocent and benign, when they are not.

There is nothing innocent or socially benign about the slow and methodical process of “normalizing” these public displays of satanic hand signs, symbols, occult phrases and images peppered into the mix of pop culture’s music industry. There fact that there is a more or less total absence of public outcry about any of this tells me where we now are in the degradation of American Christian culture and values. We are now headed headlong down the final free-fall into all-out public presentations which are not simply veiled and hidden, they will be open and overt displays of satanic worship, disguised as concerts. Perhaps this is already happening and I just haven’t seen it yet. What I have seen is enough to horrify my soul.

I don’t expect anyone else to believe this, but the following videos which have been noted and posted by other truth researchers suggest that I am not alone in thinking that something is very very wrong, and very very evil deep inside the American Hollywood music and entertainment industry. Here are some of the videos that I studied this evening:

To learn more about the hidden illuminati control and influence in the modern music industry read this article I just wrote 2 weeks ago and updated tonight. When you see images of butterflies in videos, especially of Monarch butterflies, you are seeing Illuminati mind control programmed people acting on their “Monarch” programming. The image below is an example:

In this next image Beyonce is wearing a breastplate emblazoned with a goat’s head image that is practically identical to images of Baphomet, the ancient Goat-head image of Satan:

There are literally countless images of music artists like Beyonce flashing the Illuminati Satanic hand sign, I found this one particularly disgusting because of the way she’s dressed. I perceive Beyonce to be a Satanic priestess, only thinly disguised as a [fake] Christian. When she talks about how involved she has been with the church I get a somewhat nauseous feeling. Beyonce’s music video imagery is literally drenched in satanic symbolism. It’s not hidden at all. It’s right out there, front and center. Here are a few more things I have noted. They are mostly self-explanatory, if you are familiar with occult and Illuminati symbolism.

One of the creepiest things I have had to listen to do write this post is the reversed sound track to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” music video. I would swear that the music in reverse sounds like some sort of demonic incantations or a demonic language.  I did not like the way this made me feel. Take a listen and see what you can decipher from this – [warning graphic]:

Satanic imagery in Lady Gaga music videos:

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  1. CK Hunter

    I see that 12 year olds are using the internet and still typing their misunderstanding in all caps, as usual. I reported on Jack Black’s demonic tirade because it grossed me out. If that grosses you out and causes you to think I am a freak for reporting it, you may leave my blog and never return, as you lack the brains to understand what I am trying to point out. I am sick of watching people in the music business flash demonic hand signals, invite people to worship the devil, even in jest, and in general exalt everything that’s grotesque while they belittle all that is good. I stand behind my blog and the reasons I write what I do. If you don’t like the fact that I “out” these celebrity ghouls you can leave. Bye now. Go find yourself a Jack Black satanic party and dive right in.

    Have a nice life in helltown Hollywood.


  2. angelbabe43

    I saw this show I used to like Jack Black ,but worship satan please ,and Gagme don’t get me started she is so nasty,creepy disgusting and I quite frankly don’t see what is so good about her,even my 16 yr old son says she creepy and thats saying something because most of the music he does like I cannot stand or forbid it in my home period.Is it really worth selling their souls for the price of fame in the long run I’d rather be poor and believe in Jesus that to me is all I need.

    • CK Hunter

      “Blessed are the poor in Spirit…” It’s not about money, or fame, or celebrity and it never will be. The truth is in Jesus, and He will come again. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the good reposts you have given my research. I have been researching these topics for over 20 years. It’s rewarding to finally see a few others who understand the awareness I am trying to raise and who are working to do the same. Thank you. God bless and keep you in His arms.


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  4. student

    I thought this article would be on jack black. Did I miss something?
    This is awful I knew these stars were creep-o’s but I didn’t realize all this…

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