Reactions to Julian Assange Becoming More Extreme: Canadian Tom Flanagan Calls for His Assassination

12.01.2010 Video and Links from the web, updates on the Wikileaks story By CK Hunter

Breaking: Canadian college professor states Obama should put out a “hit” on Julian Assange and use a drone to exterminate him. Wow. This from one of our friendly northern neighbors. There must be some devastating exposures and revelations to come, if this man would make such cruel and reckless statement on live TV? It certainly has historically been the usual modus operandi for the Illuminati to simply kill those who got too loud standing in their way, but making such a statement in front of live TV cameras is both revealing and unnerving.

One wonders what is yet to come in the Wikileaks truth drip. I am asking the question again: Will Wikileaks expose the secret hidden global governing cabal, the core of the Illuminati, possibly quite by accident, along the trail of publishing the confiscated diplomatic cables?

Chase Kyla Hunter

Tags: Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Leaked Diplomatic Cables

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