Why Sarah Palin is More Popular With Many Americans Than the Bushs & Obamas

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Copyright 2010-3010 By Chase Kyla Hunter, re-posts permitted leaving content intact.

The national “hate campaign” by the terrified left against the wildly popular Sarah Palin has already begun, even though she has yet to formally declare her candidacy for president in 2012.

I can answer with ease the current question which is on the lips of many media pundits like Laura Ingraham:

“Why is Sarah Palin so threatening to the elites and to left wing liberals?”

Here is the answer:

Sarah Palin is a personal, genetic, and cultural American original. Her family tree is not morbidly connected to the ancient crime cabal of the modern UK Royals, like more than 80% of presidents we have had during my lifetime.

Here’s what Sarah recently said:

“I don’t think the majority of Americans want to put up with the blue-bloods,” Palin — who is considering a run for president in 2012 – said. “With all due respect, because I love the Bushes, the blue-bloods who want to pick and choose their winners instead of allowing competition.”

Sarah Palin, thankfully, is not “genetically connected by blood” [blue blood] to the hidden family dynasties of the New World Order ruling power elites, who usually hand pick the people who will run for president about 2 to 5 years or more ahead of time. The Bilderberg hidden power structure did not “pick” Sarah Palin as a possible candidate for high office in one of their disgusting secret meetings, the American people did, by virtue of her popularity with many conservative Americans who share her values. Christian Americans who are educated and informed about the Godless globalist UN power structure that manipulates the White House and both political parties get it.

Sarah Palin is a genuine grassroots American populist, a “woman of the people” – not a pre-packaged genetic political commodity which has been “handled,” prepped, and cultivated toward a UN globalist mindset since his or her youth. Her popularity springs from the same well of hope that gave birth to the Tea Party movement, and she, in every way, is an appropriate and timely spokesperson for it.

Her popularity is also indicative of a deep and heartfelt desire in this nation’s informed Christian heartland to actually elect a President, for once, that wasn’t groomed for the role years in advance by elite east coast [ Illuminati financed and controlled ] colleges, “handled” by CIA operatives and Illuminati  CFR intellectuals since they were just a teen.

If America can unite to elect Sarah Palin, should she choose to run in 2012, they can potentially finally break the UN and CFR ruling elite’s hidden hold on the American electoral process, and the country might have a chance in hell of maintaining it’s historical Christian roots and political self governing sovereignty.  We face biblically prophesied turbulent years ahead. A massive global financial meltdown is coming, and our country is sitting right in the middle of the tsunami’s path.

For all her rough spots which still need polishing, America needs Sarah Palin’s forthrightness, courage, aplomb, and honest public questioning of the corrupt processes which are presently steering this nation off the financial cliff. Our guts are all screaming that we cannot elect yet another Bilderberg “made to order” UN globalist lackey. She’s our best hope, as a woman like her is less corruptible than a woman drenched in the CFR puppet strings like Hillary Clinton.

As for some of Sarah’s recent public gaffs, I do recall that on the campaign trail in 2008 Barack Obama made public reference to the fact that he had visited “all 57 states” and fell apart completely in speeches when he could not stare at the teleprompter. Big media overlooked all of it, of course, because they were operating under the NWO “pre-elect Obama” directive. They overlooked, they pushed alot of things under the rug, they forgave him, and he won the election.

Whether the young and the clueless liberal pop culture “idolatry society” realize it or not, electing Sarah Palin to the presidency just might represent the last “hail Mary pass” the American voting public can make in opposition to the country being pulled into the emerging NWO global super-state against it’s will.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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  1. Montana

    The half term governor is a “Dan Qualye” in heels. Since we already had an idiot “W” that caused our current economic debacle, America knows not to trust in fools who think they are brilliant. One of the reason for “W” failure was his drinking, Palin just has bad genes.

    • CK Hunter

      I’ll let God be the judge of how good or bad her genes are. I’ll take her over either Obama or GW Bush any day. She’s got what we southerners call “horse sense” – I am intrigued by the fact that she is not part of the gene pool cabal I reference in my essay. I intend to vote for her if she runs, and she cannot possibly do worse than what we have been subjected to since 2000.
      Thanks for your visit.


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  4. Dino

    I am really having doubts about Sarah Palin. I just turned to CNN the Obama Network and herd Sarah Palin say that we were NUTS bringing up a dead end issue as Obama not being a Citizen and how rediculous we all are???? EXcuse the hell out of me but this is very important. this is the biggest hoax and crime ever perpertrated on the American people that a Fraud is USURPING the office, a known sock puppet for George Soros and the Bilderbergs!!! Fact Obamas father was a Loyal British Subject at Obamas birth!! Thus there is no way possible for him to be “Natural Born” as required by Article 2!!! I am not so sure about Sarah anymore….think Bilderbergs got to her too!! I would like to see Michelle Bachman and Herman Cain run together on the same ticket!!
    Basically I am just starting to realize that the only way we are going to get America out of the hands of the Criminally Insane is to take her back by force and hang them all. Then we can confiscate all their TRILLIONS of Dollars and use it to pay off the deficit they created to crash us!!

    • CK Hunter

      I share your worries and concerns. Sarah seemed like a pure ray of hope last year, but more and more people are making comments on my blogs like yours and i am watching Sarah Palin like a hawk. 2012 will be a political brawl and a carnival either way. What worries me the most is the mandatory use of electronic voting machines, which programmers well know the votes already recorded in those machines can be changed to whatever they want, remotely, with a login and a laptop. My deep gut tells me the 2012 elections will be rigged from the get-go for Obama. He was raised in a CIA family 4 generations deep and is a deeply programmed corrupted man. I just blog, and I watch, report and pray… it’s all I know to do now.


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