Jennifer Grey of ‘Dirty Dancing’ Fame Wins ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Sarah Palin's family at the announcement of Sa...

The Palin family, Bristol far right

11.24.2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter

For those of us baby boomers who recall fondly watching “Dirty Dancing” over and over and over in the 1980s when the film debuted, Jennifer Grey’s win brings up many happy memories. At 50, Jennifer proved she’s still got what it takes to tear up the dance floor and light up the room. Her win over Bristol Palin was an 11th hour victory.

Bristol Palin had competed very well throughout the competition, and lasted up to the final broadcasts of this season’s show. Liberal “Bristol haters” who were viewers of the show had shown their uglier side toward Palin repeatedly during the dance competition, going so far as to accuse conservative American tea party members who watched the show of voting multiple times and cheating to keep Palin on the show.

It was noted by media watchers with comedic irony that those who barked the loudest against Bristol winning each week admitted they usually didn’t vote, making their complaints a ridiculous and moot point. It occurred to me in learning that the whiners and complainers about Bristol mostly did not vote, how similar the aura surrounding the TV show, was and is, to the rampant stupidity which now prevails in American politics, where young mouthy arrogant liberals attack conservative values pretty much, non-stop, yet will admit privately that they don’t even vote.

Even the conservative stalwart and ebay billionaire Meg Whitman [who lost ] had to explain to America why she had the audacity to run for office after not voting for 24 years.

Show MC Tom Bergeron, who himself is a liberal democrat, [ although apparently a much more intelligent and sensible man than the irrational ranting liberal viewers who shouted “foul” throughout the competition due to Bristol’s success ], was furious at viewer allegations that tea party viewers were cheating by voting for Bristol again and again. He was forced to explain several times that it is technically impossible to record multiple votes for the same contestant on the show, but this did not stop angry liberal viewers from continuing to accuse Bristol of remaining on the show illegally.

The [“Bristol must be cheating! How can America vote for her?!”] furor nearly spoiled the fun of just enjoying watching a national celebrity dance competition.

Bristol,much to her credit, remained a lady at all times, and kept her dignity throughout the accusatory melee, proving that just like her very famous and very outspoken mother, she can maintain her composure under fire, and will not buckle or stoop to name calling under pressure.

That happens to be a quality that will certainly come in handy should she become the daughter of the first woman president in American history two years from now. So we have a had an excellent opportunity to have a look at the real character of Sarah Palin‘s daughter Bristol, who I am proud of today for the way she conducted herself throughout the ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ competition. If Bristol was not a young woman of potentially powerful assets of personal character, she would not have come under such attack. Remember Bristol, they attack the rising stars they fear the most. Take it as a compliment, if anything.

Chase Kyla Hunter


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