Moscow Building 5,000 More Nuclear Bunkers by 2012 “As A Precaution”

Civil Defense logo on a Thunderbolt 1003 siren.

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Several years back I was writing about the fact that Russia was constructing entire underground cities. I wondered aloud in posts at that time, whether any shred of a USA civil defense system still existed for the average John and Jane Doe of America.

As a child growing up, we often did “duck and cover” drills in grade school, and we were taught to always look for the black and yellow civil defense signs on certain public buildings, then to enter those buildings and head to the basement if we ever heard the alarms go off.

It’s odd. All those signs are gone now. I have traveled America from coast to coast many times in the past 15 years and I haven’t seen a single black and yellow “civil defense” sign posted on a public building in more than 15 years. Where did they all go, and why are they gone? Has anyone else noticed this? Has anyone else wondered whether we actually do still have a public civil defense system in America? And if we do, what condition is it in?

Further, if Switzerland has enough underground bunkers to ensure the survival of their entire population, and if Russia has been building entire underground cities since the early 1990s, and noting that they now want to build 5,000 new underground bunkers in Moscow [just as a precaution, notes the reporter in the video] then shouldn’t the US be paying attention to our own population’s civil defense as well?

Since we need to put millions of people back to work, wouldn’t a public works project on a national scale to upgrade and update our own American civil defense system be a good and timely idea?

Since our leaders apparently order up fresh new billions for wars, for this and that bail out on a whim, why not order up some improvements to our existing American civil defense system?

How about it Mr. Obama? It might be the only thing your lousy socialist lackluster presidency could do for this country that might actually save lives one day. Let’s get busy improving our American civil defense system. Everyone else seems to be improving theirs. This is one of those cases where keeping up with the “Russian Joneses” might just be the smart thing to do. We waste billions annually. Why not put some of that wasted fleecing of American tax dollars to actual good use?

Chase Kyla Hunter


RE-POSTED: THE BOMBSHELL VIDEO FROM 2008 THAT STUNNED THE WORLD: D.U.M.B.S.  – [deep underground military bases]  Secret Underground Military Bases on US soil built with 50 trillion dollars in black ops money by and for the new world order global Elites …. built in secret with your tax dollars …But  where is the updated American civil defense system for the rest of us????


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