Ireland’s Sovereignty Now in Question as It Accepts Bailout from EU

All Ireland Flag

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Irish citizens rioted and politicians roared as Ireland regrettably succumbed to the necessity of accepting a bailout from the EU to avert bankruptcy. So what will happen to Irish national sovereignty, now  that the dreaded EU Beast has swallowed yet another small financially crippled nation? Videos explore and speculate below:



  1. skulz fontaine

    Ireland is forced into a ‘vassal state’ condition. Compliments of the EU and the IMF. Bail out the banks? How utterly servile. Let the damn banks collapse under the weight of their own cancerous corruption.
    I mean, would a ‘bank famine’ be all that bad?

    • CK Hunter

      I actually agree with you and so, apparently, does Eric Cantona. Here’s the post I wrote 2 days ago that links to his video comments [in french] advising the french people to go en masse on dec 7th, and withdraw all of their money out of the banks, as a form of non-violent peaceful revolution to bring down the corrup world banking system – here’s the link,,, feel free to share this and send it on. Thanks for your visit:


  2. skulz fontaine

    Hi CK:
    What Eric Cantona stated was brilliant. If ‘we little people’ can act in unison and as one well, who knows what might be possible. Bringing down the banks just might be an excellent beginning.
    I just found your site on this fine day and I’ll be back.
    Corporate/banking/government’s ‘axis of bullshit’ MUST be broken. Here in mercantile Amerika, there’s a continual rant about “free markets” and blah blah blah. So if the “markets” are in fact free, well they can sink or swim on their own. Yeah, that is the premise. Bailouts? We don’t need no stinkin’ bailouts!

    • CK Hunter

      Agreed. thanks for the visit and comment, and now that you have found me, share this blog with your friends. Hope you have a good holiday.


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