Bankrupt California Going on the Auction Block, One Chunk of Real Estate at a Time

Modern pawnbroker storefront.

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Copyright 11.22.2010 By CK Hunter

I’m sure many Californians, like me, have watched in horror this past year as more and more special places and once endeared sites, buildings and assets have gone up for sale. It appears that the state of California is now so broke that not much is sacred any more. If it can be liquidated, it’s for sale. I am reminded of the fire sales that Russia allowed to take place some years back, when they allowed the auctioning off of some of their most treasured historic artifacts from the early days of their space program, including suits that famous Russian astronauts donned in the 1960s.

One will get the similar impression strolling through the aisles of large inner pawn shops in California these days. All kinds of heirloom items once cherished are now under the glass cases of “Joe’s Pawn and Loan” down on some street corner. Where does it all end?

If families weep at the thought that they may be forced to liquidate family heirloom treasures to make the mortgage, and car payment and keep the creditors at bay, it is only a grim and brooding comfort to know that the state of California is now doing pretty much the same thing.

In a moment of supreme irony, the Los Angeles Times news media reports today that Oprah Winfrey gave away 2012 Volkswagen Beetle autos to her entire audience. Sheesh. Only in America can the entire studio audience of a billionaire TV star receive gift Volkswagens while the most treasured real estate owned by the state of California goes up for sale in the same week.

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