Tom Bergeron to the Idle Bystanders Whining “Bristol Palin Conspiracy”: “F—k You.”

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Just when you thought young Americans could not possibly become any more stupid, they go and do it again. Tom Bergeron‘s “fuck you” to those loud whiners who actually believe there is some sort of “conspiracy”going on in America by tea partiers to keep Bristol Palin on ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ is completely justifiable in my opinion.

Tom is justiably irritated because those who are whining the loudest have also admitted that they DON’T EVEN VOTE ON THE SHOW, thereby nullifying the credibility of any comments or opinions they have about ANYTHING that takes place on the show.

It’s just like politics: If you don’t vote, then shut the hell up. You have zero right to whine and complain about anything. You are on the sidelines, viewing the process as a spectator sport. Only by participation in the voting process, whether it’s inane silly TV, or an inane and silly national presidential election, do you get to earn the right to comment by PARTICIPATING.

Tom is a liberal democrat and he’s up front about it. But he had no patience when he discovered that many of the people whining, complaining and theorizing about why they suspect Bristol Palin is still on the show, routinely don’t even vote on “Dancing With the Stars.’

I actually think that Bristol is still on the show because she is giving it her all, and dancing her heart out. She’s playing to win .Bristol Palin has a chance to win this competition and she deserves it, fair and square.

It takes guts to get up there week after week and lay it all on the line for all Americans to see. I would guarantee you that the loudest whiners and complainers could not even dance their way out to the front porch to get the newspaper, much less last 8 weeks in a national live TV dancing competition.

So I’d like to add my own “f—k you” to everyone everywhere who has the gall to speculate about why Bristol is still on the show – and who don’t vote each week: “Shut up fool. If you are not voting, just sit down, and shut up. No one cares what you have to say.”

Chase Kyla Hunter

Bristol Palin May Win ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and She Deserves It

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Producer Defends Bristol Palin

Here’s an excerpt of the Tom Bergeron interview:  See

Let’s talk about this season of Dancing with the Stars. Can you gauge audience reaction during the taping? Is there noticeable commotion when Bristol Palin gets the lowest scores but isn’t eliminated? Or when—

Here’s the thing. Let’s address the Bristol thing. That’s the thing I get the biggest kick out of on the show. I’m going to put on my political hat. I’m a liberal Democrat, and I state that proudly. But I have no patience with my friends who believe there is a conspiracy keeping Bristol on the show. They’ll say, and they’re friends of a similar political persuasion though I have friends across the spectrum, “Oh, well! She’s still on the show! She’s obviously not the best dancer! She gets the lowest scores!” My response to that is similar to my response to the midterm elections. I’ll say, “OK, right. So who did you vote for instead of Bristol?” “Uh, well, I don’t vote!” “Well, then, f*ck you.” I mean, basically! You can clean that up. I have no patience for that! If you don’t participate to create a different outcome — and this can be true in national politics or a TV reality show — then don’t piss and moan if you don’t like the way it’s playing out.



  1. Steve

    I did vote, but that is beside the point. Bergeron is covering for a flawed voting system that does allow fanatics to vote countless numbers of times online. And Bristol supporters have been doing just that, by their own admission. So normal households that feel that it is only right to vote the number of times allowed per email, are being swamped by those that have no problem with gaming the system. Bergeron and the judges are on the payroll, and are trying to make it seem like everything is alright. A group of persons jamming on the computer, voting for hours at a time, is NOT popular support.

    • CK Hunter

      Bring me posts, articles and essays that prove Bristol supporters are cheating – repeat voting – and I will publish it asap.


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