Registered Sites Statistics Reveal America is STILL Primarily a Christian Nation

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Once in a while I run across something online that proves statistically beyond all shadow of a doubt just how wrong Barack Obama really is when he touts in speeches that America is not a Christian majority nation. The internet does not lie, and statistics on the number of religiously themed websites presently listed in the DMOZ.ORG Open Directory Project offer a telling insight into who is publishing online and what their religious affiliation is, here in the United States. The statistics show that not only is America still a primarily Christian nation, but that Christian religious websites, blogs, directories and other web portals outnumber other religious affiliations online by 100s to 1. Here are the raw numbers, which speak for themselves. It is imperative that the reader realize that the Illuminati owned and influenced American mainstream media conglomerate has been operating under a hidden propoganda directive since January 21st 2009 to publish any and everything they can to make it appear as if Christianity is in decline in America. What is clearly revealed in these numbers below, taken from the web portal tonite, November 21st 2010, is that JUST THE OPPOSITE is true in America.

Christian websites outnumber other religious sites online by enormous numbers, thus proving what the deep gut instincts of every American Christian who spends time online already knows – that this White House has attempted an ongoing big media campaign [since early 2009] by the MSM to minimize, denigrate, marginalize, and disregard the religious Christian majority in America,in effect  to actually try to convince Americans that Christians are no longer the majority voting voice.

I do believe that since November 2nd 2010 we have re-established clearly that Barack Obama and the MSM which works for him are WRONG, and that not only is American Christendom alive and well in 2010, but our voice is louder than ever, and our clout at the voting polls is both muscular, purposeful and robust.

Chase Kyla Hunter

Peruse the Open Directory page where these listings were displayed right here.


  1. shawn

    what a ridiculous article. The internet is NOT “american” (duh!), and the amount of webpages on a topic does not in anyway indicate a trend in popularity or non-popularity. Don’t tell me you somehow see that equation. The internet gains thousands of pages everyday, and therefore the amount of pages on ANY topic will continue to grow, whether that topic is trending up or down.

    All you saw was an ENGLISH language directory (which is grossly incomplete, representing not even a fraction of the sites of the internet) with a lot of christian hits and you started to cream your jeans. next time think with your head not your bias.

    • CK Hunter

      Listen to me, punk: I was perusing internet directories 15 years ago while you were in your mtv diapers. I happen to know from the genesis of the world wide web in 1994 (how old were you in 1994?) that were it not for American technology there would have been no genesis for the world wide web. The first browser was invented by American college students, and for that matter, idiot, the first real mass use computer was invented by the American Steve Jobs. Ever heard of him, dildo? Add to that the first major operating system was developed by an American named Bill Gates. Now that we have cleared up who is uneducated and who is lucid, allow me to inform you of some more facts:

      65% of global internet use takes place at any one time in America and has since the early 1990s.
      Approx. 40 to 50% of all web domains registered are owned by Americans, and have been since the early 1990s.
      Add to that the fact that the majority of personal websites that are launched are American owned and the stats I provided are both relevant and timely.

      Here’s the fact of the matter – for USA based internet users, there are more Christians building, and maintaining web presences than all the other religions combined. The web itself does not lie. If this fact bothers you, then it is your issue, not mine. This country is primarily a Christian nation, and if that fact bothers you, you are welcome to leave.

      In fact, I would just as soon you do not visit any of my blogs again, as your obvious ignorance of the history of computers, American computer technology and the history of the web here in the US annoys me greatly. Have a nice life.

      Chase Kyla Hunter

  2. moose

    i’m not sure where you got your numbers of number of religions but you’re numbers are way off, i’m spiritual, used to be a hardcore christians after discovering the truth on religion…but you’re numbers are definitly way off even if it’s not your numbers…they don’t add up to other info outside of ur site

    • CK Hunter

      The numbers cited are not my numbers, they are the present number of religious websites in the USA which have been submitted to, one of the web’s oldest site archives: That was stated clearly in the post, if you would have read it. Just click on the link in the post that takes you right to the page on that shows what types of religious websites are recorded online as of 2010 and have been submitted and accepted for inclusion in

      Why don’t people just read the post before they mouth off and show their lack of simple reading comprehension?

      Irritated with internet stupidity,


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