Will The REAL Second Coming Take Place In Our Present Generation?

[ 10.19.2010 Update By Chase Kyla Hunter – Copyright 2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter – All Rights Reserved. Reposts are permitted leaving all content and links intact. ]

Will the REAL Second Coming, [ not the Maitreya fraud ] Occur in Our Lifetime? Cherokee Shaman Chase K. Hunter Makes A Startling Prediction.

Written on 01.01.2010, Updated on 10.19.2010 By CK Hunter

Now that 2010 has arrived, spiritually awakened truthseekers around the world should be watching for these emerging global apostasy end times related events:

>> The international introduction of the global new world order illuminati Antichrist and new age false Messiah “Maitreya”, who is based in London and promoted by PR man Benjamin Creme.  Study the videos collected on this page. Advertisements promoting Maitreya as the return of Christ have already been airing on Fox News network. CNN reportedly aired the ads as well.

>> International world media will be used to introduce this spiritual imposter and monster to the nations, who is a spiritual counterfeit posing as Christ, using NASA HAARP blue beam technology to stage a completely false and fabricated phony “second coming” by projecting moving speaking holograms into the lower atmosphere, while simultaneously attempting to beam messages from Maitreya directly into the brains of innocent unsuspecting masses, using HAARP mind control technology.

Detaled Photo of Norway Spiral Proves It Was Not A Failed Russian Rocket LaunchThe recent phenomenon of the Norway Spiral was a HAARP project blue beam demonstration. The MSM lied as usual and tried to tell an intelligent world population that the perfectly geometrical spiraling light display 18 layers deep was a failed Russian rocket launch – NOT! The light display took place precisely over the location of a Norway based HAARP facility. See Richard Hoagland’s website:


>> Barack Obama, who is the incarnation of the biblical false prophet spoken of in the Book of Revelations, will be aggressively promoting Maitreya and his world resources sharing agenda at some point soon under a UN directive. Share International’s mission look good, in fact, too good to be true, and is global socialism disguised as enlightened international “redistribution of nations’ wealth”. The name of Maitreya’s world organization is SHARE INTERNATIONAL. Study his site in depth for a complete dossier of his plans for world domination:


Please note when you visit his site that Maitreya’s movement has already posted a color photo of he Norway spiral on the front page of his site. [ NOTE: After I wrote this essay they removed the photo from the front page and linked to it discreetly elsewhere on the site] Creme claimed significant affiliation with the Norway Spiral, which they claim is a “sign” from Heaven manifesting to signal His appearance on the earth as a Messiah. I cannot stress enough what a outright monstrous lie this is!

The Norway Spiral is not a star or a Heavenly manifestation at all It was a artificially created high technology manifestation that used Tesla HAARP wave blue beam technology to create the spiraling light effect. There is a HAARP facility within a stone’s throw of the location where the Norway Spiral appeared. [See my other essays for more research on HAARP.]









Maitreya has laid out his plan for subjugating the world on his website, which has been online since 1995, just as Hitler laid out his plan for world subjugation in Mein Kampf. Pray when you visit the site and ask the Holy Spirit to give you protection and true discernment as you examine his writings and plans. Share what you learn there with those you love.

Guard your soul and don’t buy the Maitreya world display of  “false signs and wonders.” Endless artificial and black magic induced illuminati fake “signs and wonders” will be used by the Maitreya camp to try to convince a skeptical world that Maitreya is the world Messiah.

The Islamic world will embrace Maitreya en masse. They have already embraced Obama, for he is one of their own and they know it. This is how you will know Maitreya is the Antichrist, by the way the Muslim world reacts to him. They will embrace him as the long awaited global Islamic Messiah, the Imam Mahdi. The muslim religion has poisoned it’s literal spiritual foundations by embracing the maniacal concepts of “doing evil in order that good may come.”, Islam has now become inverted and corrupted, due to it’s embrace of death and violence. Islam has now become the operative religion of the Antichrist. Islam’s cult of  death, violence, killing, jihad, hatred of women, hatred of the west, abuse of infant children and Islamic youth – by strapping them with bombs for suicide attacks – plays right into the hands of the coming world apostasy and it’s goals. I pray for the souls of Light who are trapped in the Islamic belief system, that they would experience a true religious and spiritual conversion, and become true followers of Jesus, who is the true Universal Prince of Peace.

Jesus warned about this phenomenon in the end times, that men would insist “let us do evil that good may come”. That is the fundamental primal signpost that a religion is not of God.

Those who insist that good will come from using evil are spiritually dead men walking. They will not be entering God’s Kingdom. They will pass through the Second Death instead and their souls will be dismantled by the executioners of the Ancient of Days after their final trial and Judgment. Trust me on this. I know whereof I speak.

I am not in any way inferring that the current institutionalized version of the Christian religion of the west is any better, as it has a long and grisly history of using death and bloody massacres as a way of advancing it’s own cause. Modern Christians are not necessarily proud of their religion’s history in this regard. The intrinsic human evil of fallen men on both sides of the world with their bloody death cults disguised as religions have now brought the world to this point where untold hundreds of millions of spiritually hungry souls have nowhere to turn for deeper spiritual guidance and leadership except to find it in their own hearts and souls, which is perhaps how it should have been all along.

All religions around the world seem to be corrupted and are failing humankind. The Godless world elite, and the illuminati, well knowing this, plan to use these tragic facts as rational justification for having the UN author horrific new laws which will outlaw religion and place some idiocy like sun worship or earth worship or Maitreya worship in their place. So in this manner, the human evil in men’s hearts, which has been acted out upon one another for ages, has now generated enough hatred and love of death to attract something as hideous and heinous as Maitreya to this world as the ultimate imposter of Christ.

It took a long time for this to happen. Visionaries, prophets, native american shamans like me, ancestral tribal wise men and women, spiritual teachers, and religious leaders down through the ages, have warned civilization again and again about what would finally befall humankind if men did not turn their backs on sin, evil, death, greed, lust, murder and hatred as a routine way of achieving their goals. Mankind has not listened and now mankind must reckon with the awful Beast that has been called up from the Abyss, drawn by the incessant roar of men’s sins, and their routinely evil behaviors in almost everything that they do.

God’s judgment is soon to come upon mankind.

Pray for discernment and spiritual protection and keep a secret altar to Jesus in your home. Carry hidden photos of Jesus with you in case you need to ID yourself to another trusted true believer. Use discretion in all human relations. Be alert for imposters who appear as false friends, gaining your trust, who then betray you over a trifle. These souls do not belong to God. They belong to the liar and lie and they are on a mission to destroy as many good souls of Light as they can.

Do not be discouraged if people around you begin spiritually really and truly “falling away” from their faith.  Don’t go after them if it jeopardizes your own safety spiritually. It’s not worth it. Let the dead bury their dead.

This is the beginning of the last epoch in human history before the REAL second coming, and there is now a great “falling away” going on upon this world. Do not allow the tugging of the inverted negative spiritual vortex of that energy which “circles the drain” of that falling away to pull you away from your true spiritual center in loving God. Find your spiritual center and hold fast to it.

I have written extensively about this coming apostacy on this site and my other blogs for several years, and I have been researching what is coming for nearly 30 years. I now believe to the very depths of my soul that nothing short of a Divine Intervention and a real actual Second Coming can now stop or thwart the plans of the global Illuminati and their two main emerging mouthpieces:  false prophet Barack Obama and the new age Apostate Antichrist Lord Maitreya. I do not believe that current Maitreya PR mouthpiece Benjamin Creme will be around that much longer. God’s judgment will take him soon in physical death.

Pray with me for God’s Divine Intervention to proceed apace to fully awaken the scattered, exhausted, distracted, and submerged global Body of Christ, that we might finally unify our love for the real Jesus of Nazareth, with our intention to hold fast to His teachings, His Truth, His Light, and His Universal Love, and to what we know is REAL, while separating ourselves from everything, every person, and every spiritual teaching that is counterfeit and FALSE.

The triggering flash point in the Mideast War may also come  in early 2010.

Beyond that flash point event, world war III will commence in the Mideast, but few Heads of State internationally will want to face what is occurring, and nations will behave foolishly in response to events in the Mideast in 2010. They will take too little action too late to avoid becoming slowly embroiled one by one.

This horrendous coming war has been secretly planned for a very long time by the hidden global elite, and the illuminati are determined to have their last hurrah with one last devastating world war in order to achieve the population reduction that the swine flu thus far failed to ignite. Their global pandemic plan has failed to materialize due to the collective power of prayer, united spiritual networking and truth sharing online and also due to the outstanding efforts of spiritually awakened truth seekers, bloggers, videographers, writers, filmmakers and online publishers like me, who published the truth about the CIA lab created H1N1 virus, and told the world the truth before they could push enough of their toxic swine flu shots onto us. A minor victory, but of course we must press on.

In 2010 foul and uncouth public behavior on TV, radio and in film will sink to new unimagined lows as all reference to God, One Nation Under God and all references to religious living are scoured away under the Obamanation left wing ideology of worshipping anything and everything but God and His Son, who is the true King of Kings and the Creator Son and spiritual ruler of our local creation.

It’s a very easy equation to understand and it is not rocket science. When you remove the references to God and His true Laws, such as the 10 commandments, from every public place, and every school and institution, and disallow prayer, then evil and sin will quickly rise in inverse proportion to those actions, rushing in to fill the void. You are removing the veritable guide posts which instruct young people, teens, and young families as to how they should live. They become spiritually confused, untethered and go wild with sin as a result. Look around you. That is what we have here in America now. It’s everywhere.

The White House will begin looking for new ways to shut down the loudest mouths that are saying things like this essay is saying, as more and more people begin turning off the MSM news on TV and begin deep digging on the Internet to get their facts straight and learn the horrible truth about how the UN is quietly usurping American sovereignty by insidious degrees. Citizen journalists who get careless will be detained, harassed, jailed, mocked, and you name it – in order to convince others that they are dangerous domestic terrorists who must be silenced. They will want to make an example of people.  By late 2010 it is entirely possible that jails will begin filling up with utterly normal, law abiding people who happen to be Christians and / or well informed citizen journalists who dare to speak out about what is taking place.

It is my belief based on the signs I am observing that the actual real Second Coming may take place on earth within the next 45 years, in my lifetime, in our present generation.

All of the prophecies about the last days in the Bible are being fulfilled one by one. In 2010 the stark divisions between those who love God and are striving to help him to reach the lost souls on this world, and those who are being encouraged by the secular media to hate, mock and ridicule Christians, will become even more extreme. People who worship other people will be noted and marketed to aggressively as corporations like Microsoft continue to advertise to them using that theme:

Recent advertisements for BING online have made references to people who worship Oprah Winfrey or Lance Armstrong. The MSM will continue to turn on the fire hose of satanic advertising and editorials which mock people for continuing to believe in the “old outdated religions” of the 20th century. Be prepared to defend your faith at every turn. Be prepared also to be infuriated daily as Christianity will continue to be mocked and belittled everywhere.

I have to comment here that fundamentalist Christians who feel it is their duty to spiritually accost every stranger they meet,  trying to force their own limited theological understanding onto others have brought on alot of this secular disdain onto themselves. Arguing, debating, shouting, and disregarding someone’s own private walk in faith never saved a single soul that I am aware of.

For example: a prominent minister recently made the monumentally stupid statement in the world media that “God hated Lady Gaga”. Now how do you think most young people who are her fans, and there are millions of them, would react to such a comment? Do you think for a minute that they would ever be interested in speaking to any Christian ever again? The woman behind the public persona of Lady Gaga attended a private Catholic grls’ school for many years. Only she knows what she really believes, and that is her private business. These kinds of judging comments are perfect examples of how the modern Christian Church itself has alienated untold millions of lost young people by preaching hate, hate, hate. So, once again:

God is Love. There is no hatred within the Presence and consciousness of God. God does not hate.

The  sin of hating is the providence of human beings, who do plenty of hating. In fact most fundamentalist Christians now have very little tolerance for anyone who does not think and believe just exactly the way they do, which is a very dangerous and deeply narcissistic trend. God is Love. Remember that.

True spiritual conversion comes from deep within. It does not come from having a misinformed and poorly spiritually trained Christian fundamentalist getting ” in your face” to force his own limited misunderstanding onto you by coercion. This behavior should cease. Demonstrate your faith by your works, not by your human ego and it’s limited spiritual comprehension. Christendom is in crisis, and in dire need of reform, revival, and comprehension of actual true Revelation. The last thing that world Christendom needs now is more fundamentalism. Come out of the shadows of the uneducated past and embrace the Fifth Epochal Revelation of God to Humankind via the Urantia Book.

Move away from all souls who refuse to take a real stand spiritually. Remove yourself from all persons who indicate that whether one is good or evil is irrelevant. Get ready because even more bizarre false spiritual teachings and teachers are coming in 2010 and their insane psychotic false spiritual teachings and hedonistic messages of “Do what thou wilt” will make Eckhart Tolle’s current false and misleading spiritual message of “Resist nothing” look mild in comparison. The final testing of the soul of mankind has now begun.

Seek out and move toward all souls of true spiritual peace, lifestyle purity, good humor, good cheer, emotional and psychological stability, personal productivity, spiritual dedication, and true soul integrity. Drop everything and everyone else. The Light of God never fails. Remember, it’s not about the state of the Union. It’s about your own state of mind. Blessed be!

Chase Kyla Hunter
Cherokee Shaman, Christian Mystic,
Citizen Journalist, American Patriot, Spiritual Warrior



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