Recent Tea Party Political Victories A Full Vindication, Stirring A Flurry of News Coverage, Pro and Con

9.16.2010 Posted By CK Hunter

Well this time last year the mass media in America was reviling, attacking, ridiculing and mocking the grassroots Tea Party movement, referring to the phenomenon as “astroturf”. Oh what a difference one year makes. Big media continues to spew pleghm disguised as rancid “news coverage” of the Tea Party movement, but each new hateful big media spitball just further vindicates the goodness and righteousness of the Tea Party cause. [ Peruse some of the good, bad and downright ugly news coverage in related links at the end of this post. ]

The Katie Couric and Chris Matthews crowd are NOT using the word “astroturf” anymore now, are they?

It took a little more than one year for the hysterical “projecting” and name calling by big media talking heads to come to an end, and some astonished sense of respect, and some actual outright real reporting to commence on the part of the big media  illuminati lackies, who are usually asking “How high?” every time the hidden power elites that be ask to them to jump.

I do believe I can smell the sweat on the brows of the CFR puppet masters, as they ponder what to do next. Make no doubt they will try to buy the movement, to co-opt it, to own it in some way to further their own agenda. But sadly, even the smartest men in the world cannot outwit an actual Divine Intervention. Sorry illuminati elites and your marionette  gals and fellas. Your days of ruling America in secret are now numbered.

I have even more news for the media mouthpiece of the hidden and cowardly illuminati elites who puppeteer our congressmen and senators from behind the scenes. This is an ONGOING  Divine Intervention, the genuine biblical article, and you ain’t seen nothing yet. The very soul of the American people has now been moved to stand against the poor judgment, murky motives, illegal presidency and narcissistic half -assed governance of the Obama crowd and their hidden puppet masters, and we are now rolling it back.

Put your shoulders to the wheel people, and PUSH. Vote your heart this November and then next we begin rolling back the Orwellian Obamacare travesty.

One two three… HEAVE! As one force through intelligent and peaceful means, in November: vote them out, vote them out, vote them OUT.


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How the Tea Party Movement Is Rewriting the Textbook for Political Organizing

Tea Party a mixed blessing for both sides of the aisle – ‎11 minutes ago‎

>> the “new york times” notes the clear divide within the republican party saying, i’m quoting here, if ever there was proof the tea party and republican party do not necessarily go in hand, it is christine o’donnell’s victory over the establishment.

Christine O’Donnell: The GOP establishment’s new BFF?

Christian Science Monitor – Peter Grier – ‎1 hour ago‎

Christine O’Donnell was a surprise win in Delaware’s GOP Senate primary. Now, Republicans from all over are rushing to close ranks and support her. Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell laughs while talking with family members in

The hidden message of the tea party candidates

Christian Science Monitor – Diane Lim Rogers – ‎18 minutes ago‎

Tea party candidates claim to want small government, but what they mean is small taxes and big benefits. That’s a recipe for exploding deficits, not good government. Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell addressed supporters during a
The South Carolina lawmaker has said that he would “rather have 30 Marco Rubios in the Senate than 60 Arlen Specters,” referring to the conservative Tea Party-backed Senate candidate in Florida and the defeated party-switcher from Pennsylvania.

more by Jim DeMint – 11 minutes ago – (162 occurrences)

O’Donnell to speak at Values Voter Summit in DC

Boston Herald – ‎56 minutes ago‎

By AP WASHINGTON – Delaware’s GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell is scheduled to speak at the conservative Family Research Council’s fifth annual Values Voter Summit in Washington. The chairman of the group’s political action committee,

GOP faces serious risks as tea party gains more influence – Adam C. Smith, Alex Leary – ‎1 hour ago‎

Republicans across the country are riding a wave of tea party passion, but Tuesday’s election results brought home just how unpredictable and out of control that ride may be.

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Huffington Post (blog) – ‎42 minutes ago‎

Everyone is asking if the Tea Party movement is for real as they roll up victories in the midterms from Nevada to Kentucky to Delaware.

No reconciliation for Castle

Politico (blog) – ‎50 minutes ago‎

Some 30500 Republicans have embarrassed the dickens out of the state of Delaware by voting for a candidate who has no chance of winning the general election

The Difference Between the Tea Party and the GOP Establishment

U.S. News & World Report (blog) – Scott Galupo – ‎58 minutes ago‎

Reason magazine’s Matt Welch asks a good question: What did Delaware’s GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell actually run on?

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United States

O’Donnell-bashing GOP chair won’t step down

Politico – David Catanese – ‎28 minutes ago‎

The chairman of the Delaware Republican Party, who launched a fierce string of attacks against newly minted Senate

Rove to O’Donnell: Tell the truth

Politico – Andy Barr – ‎1 hour ago‎

Two days after giving Christine O’Donnell no chance of winning Delaware’s Senate race, Karl Rove is now offering her
On Tuesday night Christine O’Donnell received 30561 votes and became the Republican nominee for Senate in Delaware. She beat the popular Mike Castle by 3540

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Washington, DC

If the Tea Party Takes Over It’s Democrats’ Fault

U.S. News & World Report (blog) – Brad Bannon – ‎2 hours ago‎

We can piss and moan all we want about the federal government and Congress but the ugly truth is we put those men and women there.

What does Christine O’Donnell believe about God?

Washington Post (blog) – Elizabeth Tenety – ‎3 hours ago‎

Much has already been written about Christine O’Donnell, “the Sarah Palin and Tea Party backed candidate” who won the Republican Senate

Tea Party victory: Readers debate what it means

Washington Post (blog) – Doug Feaver – ‎3 hours ago‎

Our Readers Who Comment are having a spirited argument this morning about the True Meaning of tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell’s victory in the

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New York, NY

Christine O’Donnell’s election in Delaware’s Republican Senate primary on September 14th was a big surprise and a big win for the Tea Party movement.
The staggering upset of former Delaware governor and nine-term congressman Mike Castle at the hands of a perpetual candidate with no actual legislating
A family feud is raging within the GOP in the aftermath of Christine O’Donnell’s shocking win over establishment favorite US Rep. Mike Castle in Delaware’s

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Wilmington, DE

Palin to O’Donnell: ‘speak through Fox News’

The News Journal (blog) – ‎57 minutes ago‎

Former Gov. Sarah Palin and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly talked on the air Wednesday about Delaware US Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell’s media strategy
In the first poll taken post-primary, Democrat Chris Coons had an 11 percentage point lead over Republican Christine O’Donnell.

O’Donnell supporters confident all along

WDEL 1150AM – Amy Cherry – ‎9 hours ago‎

Members of the Tea Party Express say out with the old and in with the new when it comes to Christine O’Donnell and her stunning victory in

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