Is Nibiru aka Planet X Real? Watch For These Government Actions to Take Place As It Gets Closer

9.7.2010 By CK Hunter

I’d like to suggest also that folks monitor “primetime TV” these days and seek to understand the plethora of new survival related TV broadcasts that are airing on the Discovery Channel, including “The Colony”, “Dual Survival” “Man Vs. Wild”, “Man Woman Wild” and others. These programs are being aired for a reason people. Do the math.

Also, you should watch, and evaluate a new NBC program which will air on Mondays at 10 pm called “The Event.” The powers that be are trying to tell you something here. Pay attention.

CK Hunter


  1. Latoya R. hall

    I have been looking for news like this for years. I am a resident in Grand Rapids Michigan. I came across the book by William Cooper, Behold a pale horse. I believe everything and always looking to find out more. I would really like to talk with or email with all and anyone who will converse with me on the secret government and the new world order and aliens. the whole bid. I have so many questions. thank you for your time

    • CK Hunter

      Post your questions in this comments field, and I will research my blogs and post links to articles i have written that will have answers for you. The spirit is guiding you into the deeper truth. Hold onto God and hold onto your sanity, becasue the truth is so much stranger than fiction it will turn your stomach if you are not strong.

      Also visit my original blog which has about 3000 articles at:

      Thanks and I am glad you found me.


  2. Anne R

    I’ve always been drawn to reading anything and everything about these topics. I am an ardent believer of God but find myself believing alot of these things as the bible makes many statements that peek my curiosity and just feel I need to read on it! Up until recently my husband always blew me off regarding these topics but just a few days ago he says he was watching the discovery channel on 10-31-2010 about the greys, NWO, underground civilization that scared the crap out of him and actually told me I me I might not be overly gullible so to speak. Well I’ve searched for the program he watched but can’t find any mention of it anywhere not even on their site! Nothing concerning the what I’m looking for but this site did pop up and would like to be able to read up on the link provided….Tried clicking on the pole shift link up above but wasn’t allowed, have to be invited…

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