The Selling of the Presidency Continues: Obama Appears on “The View”

8.5.2010 By CK Hunter

I know I am weighing in on this newest oddity a few days late, but I wanted to examine any “wake” that might be left from Obama’s recent “campaign style” appearance on The View, where he was interviewed by BabaWaWa and friends, before I wrote about it.

Regarding “the rose and the thorn,” I believe I have now heard about enough from Barack Obama about how hard it is to be President, and what a tough time he is having in his first two years in office. I believe we have all heard enough about that. Just how many times can one listen to speeches where the president reiterates his difficulties of having inherited what George W. left behind?

Further, I find it odd that a sitting president would make an appearance on a rather silly pop trend “housewife chat show” like The View, which I consider to be just about as significant to current American politics as old issues of Marvel comics.

I can only suppose that Obama is making an effort here to boost his visibly sagging popularity with the women of America, since it’s already well known he is very unpopular with most men, whether they lean left, right, or center. That’s the inevitable political price one pays when it becomes overwhelmingly apparent that his positions and policy decisions periodically change with the winds, making Barack Obama more of a good looking national hood ornament and wildly twisting weather vane, than any real solid presidential leader whose psychological anchor as commander-in-chief can tether the country’s mood from slipping into deeper financial despair.

It just struck me as one more odd thing about his presidency, which apparently needs a considerable deal of “propping up” and “re-campaigning in the media” every few weeks for it to stay afloat. I’ve seen quite a few presidents come and go in my 50 some years. This presidential guest appearance on “The View” was a first. To me, it just lends one more embarrassing indignity to the decorum and history of the office of commander-in-chief.

Jimmy Kimmel quipped that only a bisexual man would even stoop to make an appearance on “The View”. That comment certainly did not win Obama any new man-fans.  Add to this, the peculiar moment of his birthday yesterday, where he travelled back to Chicago, dined with Oprah, while his wife and one daughter flew to Spain and took a separate posh vacation on the far other side of the world. That didn’t really feel right either. How many secrets about the Obama White House will eventually come flying out, one wonders? 

I would take bets that Barack Obama flew to Chicago on his birthday to have a secret “political summit” with Oprah Winfrey, seeking her advice on how to save his floundering presidency. Why else would he dine with Oprah on his birthday, instead of his own wife? How odd. Consider this post partial and unfinished. I am currently delving into the next oddity made known to America from the recent issue of Vanity Fair, where it is revealed that Obama saunters into the Oval Office at about 9:30 each morning. That’s unheard of.

Every president in my lifetime has always gone to work no later than about 8 am in the morning. I am learning more right now. More soon….

CK Hunter


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