Tussling with Google Over My Location & Privacy

8.4.2010 By CK Hunter

This will have to be a brief post, as I have 6 minutes of time left on this public terminal. Google wants to insist that I supply them with my DOB (date of birth) and my location in order for me to keep my google gmail email address. I have insisted it’s none of their business when I was born or where I live. They have recently disabled my email address (evermore888@gmail.com) so if anyone needs to reach me, I am at spiritscribe@yahoo.com

It’s all just moree evidence that our beloved web behemoth Google.com, located right here in California, is becoming more like Big Brother and less like the loveable and brilliant “Don’t Be Evil” guys who founded the company.

Feel free to sound off if you are also scrappling with Google over your privacy, especially if you dissent from the official Obama party line of how great everything is going in America these days. More on this soon…..

CK Hunter


  1. John

    They just say I need to supply a name & date….who puts down their real one anyway!?!?

    Anyone think my name is REALLY John?? LoL

    • CK Hunter

      If it was just that simple they would not have disabled my gmail email account. What they wanted was a LOCATION. They want to know where I am publishing from, which is 1) none of their business, and 2) irrelevent, since I am travelling and publishing from a different locale every few weeks. The new global Google private eye, along with yahoo also, is just one more indication of the FEDs using the web to spy on their own citizens for doing nothing more than opining in ways the FEDs do not want us to opine. You would have to have known the bizarre history of oddities that began to occur with my wordpress account for the past six months to see the Google thing as the culmination. Each time I began posting essays which dissent with the Obama White House, my wordpress acct would begin “acting out” in strange ways, my laptop would turn itself off, repeatedly, all kinds of weirdness. Do not be fooled. If someone disagrees with the Obamanation and they disagree loudly enough online, they become a target. I know.


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