Apostasy – World Spiritual Fraud Update: Raj Patel “Maitreya” World Media Cult Forming

7.10.2010 By CK Hunter

[  Supporting documentation re-posted courtesy of www.Abovetopsecret.com anonymous members ]

I began a companion blog, 333 Crucible, on January 1st of 2010 to chronicle and monitor the approaching world fraud of the so-called emergence of “Maitreya, the World Teacher”. I have been doing confidential research and documenting the rise of Share International’s public relations media campaign on behalf of the Maitreya emergence since 1982. I am not new to this subject.

Please spend some time reading the several hundred pages of research and videos which are on my companion blog to catch up on the history of the 2010 “Maitreya” world media blitz, and it’s relationship to the advent of the Christian Antichrist, also known as the Son of Perdition, or the Beast, which is described in the Holy Bible. The site members over at http://abovetopsecret.com have been around since the very early days of the internet, in 1994 and 1995, just as I have. We have all seen movements, murmurs, rumors, and  ” isms” come and go online for 16 years now.

The Raj Patel – Maitreya world cult of spiritual fraud that is now forming is the most disturbing internet phenomenon I have observed yet since the inception of the internet. It is only closely rivaled by the ongoing world fraud of Scientology, which up until now has been the longest running world cult of spiritual lies and religious fraud in the past 40 years, consuming the lives, souls and finances of thousands of duped and brainwashed believers. The world Cult of Raj Patel as “Maitreya” may soon surpass that of Scientology if enough innocent young people are not warned and spiritually educated in time.

Some of the site members at Above Top Secret are in agreement with my own Spirit Led research and I would like to re-post some of their most recent comments and insights. These site members at ATS have been around for many many years, since far earlier than the birth of the web, like me, and they are not easily fooled. Please visit the site to join anonymously to follow these discussions further, and I encourage guests to join 333 Crucible as well. The original post cited below can be found at http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread581123/pg1

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Raj Patel steps forward as Maitreya

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Topic started on 8-6-2010 @ 12:22 PM by TheTruthIsFromGod


In this 15th episode, you can see that Raj Patel/Maitreya has entered into a new step of his worlwide promotion. Since January 2010, Raj Patel has done a tour in the US, in Canada and in Australia, he’s been received on the major networks and he’s been quoted by the major newspapers.

Now the press don’t hesitate anymore to openly speak about Raj Patel as the savior of the World, the man of change, and their articles are more and more explicit about that.

Moreover, we can see the highest ranking people around Raj Patel, as Nobel Prizes, high ranking offcials among the major institutions and governments (US government, WHO, WTO, WB, IMF, Food organizations,…). They all praise him and put him above themsleves.

Raj Patel is even asked his view on the authenticity of Bill & Melinda Gates’ activism!!!! Who is Raj Patel to be given such an importance?!

Moreover, Raj Patel’s speech is closer and closer to Maitreya’s one, and Raj is more and more explicit about his worlwide ambitions.

Be very careful of this man because he says many good things but he plays a double game. He’s connected to the same guys who have put us in this mess, who have been lying to us and harming us for centuries. He has a secret goal, to deceive us, as the Satan he is.

Do not listen to Raj Patel’s recommandations: Don’t militate, don’t oppose the New World Order, don’t support it neither, don’t be an activist, it’s useless, you’re only going to be used for other purposes. Have a simple and discrete life above the law and above the law of God and you’ll be safe.

Just look at this last article released by Raj Patel today on his blog and you’ll see that militancy, activism, are just to use you, to deceive you, just like politics… (of course Raj Patel promotes that activism makes us happy….)



Do not attend Raj Patel’s speeches, this man has obviously a high occult power, as Satan, he’s a great influence on human beings. Raj Patel uses the most known hypnosis techniques on the audience, his hands’ gestures, his voice, his weird look, his voices, his intonations’ changes, his stuttering are all made to put you in a state of trance which will lead you to say Amen to all what he says and what he is.

This is a serious matter, believe me or not, that’s for your good.

You want to find guidance and to be safe from any danger, obey exclusively God and the Koran and you’ll be protected, that’s a fair advice.

Here’s the video which details this intro:



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  1. Tom Griego

    This man is trying to help the world, plain and simple. I only see a pure heart and a strong mind being applied to teach the world to share and love. Anti-christ…the current state of the world is ruled by the anti-christ, Raj Patel is saying that the status quo must be flipped around and re-made.

    • CK Hunter

      Do not confuse the counterfeit with the original.

      Watch who and what he becomes. His world entry will be by peaceful flatteries, and that is EXACTLY what Patel is doing now. Wait, watch, pray and do not be deceived.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. TheTruthIsFromGod

    Thanks for spreading the truth from our God.

    Maitreya/Satan and this evil society are only lying to you, how do you want lost people to be your guide?

    Trust God and only God and redeem yourself before it’s too late for you.

  3. demon killa

    If raj patels genuine and has nothing to do with the worlds elite he would of been assinated ages ago. His role is to kick start the NWO they want one religion one currency one government and to keep world population at 500 million. He will come in peace but that’s not his way. Pray to your real god the prime creator for guidance. Us humans have been manipulated for to long free ourselves by freeing your mind. I would like to ask him some questions. Upon asking him these questions he would reveal his true identity.

    Do not accept the 666 chip and nwo do not say any oaths from them as you will be giving him the right to your soul. Death is the better option than joining them as your soul will live on in heaven in death. Do not fear death the flesh is weak the soul is strength. Tell your friends and family spread the word they might think you are mad. But when you save their soul they will be very thankfull and gratefull.

    The end times is here, you got to keep strong and have faith in the true god. Keep love in your heart and never succumb to the temptations of the devil dont believe his lies. His reign upon this earth is numbered thats why hes making these desperate attempts to steal as many souls before the apocalypse. The trouble is people are already brainwashed and don’t care. But you will care when he takes your soul and you burn in hell. Don’t let it get that far awaken yourself let the love of our true god in your heart and soul.

    Peace and love to all

  4. demon killa

    Look at the hollywood films that are out and coming out. Clash of the titans battle of men and the gods. The annunaki movie which is coming out this summer. It’s all to prepare us and get our children brainwashed into thinking that there is no god. Or that gods are aliens they are not. After we have passed over they will have control of our children. Then bring them up worshipping satan and being his slave.

    Pray to god for guidance to lead you on the right path. Then you will be able to see more clearly what they have been doing and are doing to us. There is ownly one god we are not gods we are men. Don’t listen to the lies of the devil. Be strong have no fear and have faith in god believe in him.

  5. demon killa

    benjamin creme runs the lucis trust which was formerly the lucifer trust check this out its true. benjamine creme is promoting maitreya. Now why would the true christ have anything to do with this. Why would you have the lucifer trust (as the trust just changed its name) to promote you. The only reason is your the antichrist or a false prohet. THE TRUE CHRIST WOULD NOT HAVE THE LUCIFER TRUST PROMOTE HIS COMING. Just think about that I think that makes sence to me. Those that dont see the connection please wake up ur not as gullable and dumb as u are. They dont try to hide the facts its so easy to see. You have been opressed but unbrainwash your mind make sure your in control. Let you be in control and no demon entities only let the spirit of love in.

    Free your mind search and look at the signs. It might be a shock when you are awakened and you dont want to accept it. This is your brain self protecting you from the evil reality around you. You got to come out of the little world you make for yourself see the real picture. When you truly believe in god you have no fear that is why you can open your brain. My brain doesnt protect and hide the things that may cause me fear. That gives me freedom, freedom to see the sign that i believe the true lord gives me. That allows me to see the real stuff that is going on. Dont let fear block out the truth around you try and seek for the truth. Pray to god to help guide you at these end times, to help guide you to see the truth. Pray for him to help you be strong.

    I do what i do for the love of our people, our planet. To try and help people free their minds and be in control of their lives. To try and stop the oppression of man, to fight against the evi dominant force in this world. For a world filled with peace freedom justice equality and love for all. We owe if for our children to try and make a better world for them. They say one man might not make a difference, what can i do it wont make any difference. Well you can make a difference we all can if we unite together and dont be fooled by the devil. If I make one person just think twice and open the mind to all possibilities then it was all worth while.

    Peace and Love

  6. demon killa

    The bible states do not accept the mark of the beast in your right arm or forehead. For that will be the right to your soul. Why would they make up this chip and place it in the right hand of us. When the bible clearly states and tells that if we get the sign we accept satan. They could of placed it in the left hand. But you accepting this 666 chip is giving your soul to satan. Its like its an agreement to give up your soul to satan. Forget about the chip and what it does. Think about the symbol it means what it represents in the bible. Do not give your soul to the devil do not accept the mark of the devil then u will be his property. We have to listen to the book of revelations as the end times is almost upon us. Keep love in your heart stay strong

    peace and love

  7. TITO

    Thank you for your effort in WARNING readers of the emergence of Maitreya the false christ. Maitreya is pure evil, I have known his presence from a healing page and wow I felt his energies and i almost thru up.

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