1. Paul Dixon

    Israeli genocide is forcing the Palestinians to do this. The Israelis drove the Palestinians from their homes, who resettled in refugee camps as no one wanted them.

    • CK Hunter

      Blaming Israel for teaching children to hate is an inane excuse, and holds no water. One must have the spiritual maturity to discern good from evil. It is an evil and terribly wrong thing to teach a child to hate, and there will never be a justification for it. I’m posting your comment as an example of how modern men continue to live like savages, considering that they can perpetrate any evil, and absolve themselves of it by pointing the finger to blame someone else for their own actions. You apparently have not yet learned how to discern good from evil and need to repeat several grades in spiritual kindergarten yourself. Learn the law of karma my friend. You reap precisely what you sow.


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