Breaking: Obama Gives Huge Acreage of Arizona Land Back to Mexico: Border Crisis Becomes US Sovereignty Challenge on US Soil

6.18.2010 Video Posted By CK Hunter

If you are an Arizona native, I am assuming at this point you are an experienced gun owner. If you are travelling through southern Arizona in the region just north of Tuscon, [and you are not a registered gun owner] beware of the newly posted signs described in this video: you are most likely  no longer safe to travel by highway in that part of Arizona, in your sovereign nation, where you work, pay taxes, and suffer daily the outrageous incompetence and legislative duplicity of the Obama White House regarding illegal immigration.

If it is not clear to Obama supporters by now that the Obama White House is actually intent on fomenting the collapse of all civil authority in the continental USA, then you are already dead and without a clue or a pulse. Why would they do this? They would do this in order to create and stir up enough chaos to slap martial law onto the country, and then rule by dictatorial executive orders under it’s permanent umbrella.

I can only imagine how utterly outraged Arizona natives are over this.


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