RFID Chip Is the New World Order “Mark of the Beast”

From the youtube rabbithole – best RFID videos 2010


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  1. joyce

    He is not MY President . Doesn’t he have to answer to ANYONE ?

    The younger crowd loved obama, They didn’y have the beatles, elvis,
    michael jackson, anymore as an idol, so obama was their new idol.

    My belief is that people have become so complacent, not caring that their religion , freedoms, are being taken from them because the toxic poisons
    being sprayed on them daily from the chemtrails, are making them , llike,
    half sedated, not caring much what’s happening, and knowing they cannot do anything about it anyway.

    They are also scared, those that aware of the interment camps and 6,000 plastic coffins waiting for, who ?

    They don’t know obama is hiding his past for a reason ? So stupid they are.

    Some one told me they worked in the government and saw the list of communist in our govmt , and it was ‘ this long ‘ i’d say a foot long. That was in the 1970’s

    Thanks for listening novamomma7@gmail.com

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