Nuclear War “Flashpoint” Warning: North Korea Fired Torpedo on March 26th 2010 That Sank A South Korean Ship

5.20.2010 By CK Hunter

Nuclear War “Flashpoint” Warning:

Dire events are issuing forth from the long acknowledged to be deranged Kim Jong Il of North Korea. Comments made by a North Korean official indicate an attitude and disposition of actually attempting to blackmail the USA and world community with nuclear war if any sort of military retaliatory actions or UN sanctions are taken. His comments were deeply disturbing, if they are, in fact, taken at face value.

These compiled videos show just a few recent events that should give the world pause:


US warns N Korea over sinking

BBC News – ‎59 minutes ago‎

The US state department says there “will definitely be consequences” for North Korea following the sinking of a South Korean warship in March. The North is facing international condemnation after investigators blamed it for the sinking of the ship,
May 20, 2010 Lewis Chessmen, Malawi anti-gay legislation, State Dinner for Mexican President Calderon, South Korean warship remains and more. May 20, 2010: Jacqui Austin, left, and Lindsay McGill of National Museums Scotland show off some of the Lewis
Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith says a report blaming North Korea for sinking a South Korean warship means any hope of holding nuclear disarmament talks with Pyongyang in the near future has been dashed.

North Korean Torpedo Blamed In Sinking Of Warship

AHN | All Headline News – Windsor Genova – ‎1 hour ago‎

Seoul, South Korea (AHN) – South Korea announced Thursday it found North Korea responsible for the sinking of its warship on March 26 and vowed punishment. Pyongyang responded by threatening war for any military retaliation or economic sanction by its

Pentagon won’t say ship sinking is an act of war

The Associated Press – Anne Flaherty – ‎2 hours ago‎

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon’s top leadership refused on Thursday to label the sinking of a South Korean ship an act of war. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the United States supports the finding that North Korea sank a South Korean warship in March.

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