Is Fox News “Baiting Americans” to Potential Violence?

The ‘New American Resistance Movement’ Might Just Be A CIA Mass American Psy-Op, Designed to Get You Angry Enough to Run for Your Guns, and Take to the Streets. Don’t Take the Bait. America is Smarter Than That.

This video from the summer of 2009 I find particularly significant. There is historical value here on several fronts. First, the viewer should note that the “Matrix” theme has been given a peculiar twist that most might overlook. The voice-over [narration] speaks of their dream, their goal, via armed revolution as being a “world without rules, a world without borders” and so forth as part of the new vision now being sought through armed revolution in America. How interesting. Isn’t that EXACTLY what the New World Order agenda is? A world without borders, where people travel freely, carrying their RFID embedded passports through all the new “borderless” nations. Is there anyone in the internet readership who is able to convince me that this video is not carefully contrived and precalculated Pro NWO propaganda, cleverly disguised as “anti-NWO” propaganda? The inference being of course, that NWO operatives are now actually making an open attempt to “foment enough rage and unhappiness” through the production of videos like this to inspire ma and pa America to grab their guns and take to the streets.

The way I see this all unfolding, an armed uprising is EXACTLY what the hidden NWO elites want out of America. I have one of those “clairvoyant hunches” occur when I find videos like this. This, as portrayed in the video, whatever “this” is, is being stirred up by agents within our own government. The majority of Americans I know, and I have lived in many states and traveled the country extensively, are quiet peaceful Christians who love their country, their families and their faith, and the last thing in the universe they want is an armed uprising. That having been said, have a look at the “television programming” being cited in this film. The people who write scripts for these shows are not altogether innocent in what they concoct for Americans to watch and ponder. There is an underlying theme inherent in the TV clips shown here, that TV actors are saying that it’s “ok” to rise up in armed rebellion against your government. Once again, we clearly see NWO TV “programming” at work. The power elites who control the NWO WANT Americans to be enraged enough to rise up in armed rebellion, else you would NOT be seeing TV programs that run dialogues like the ones displayed in this video.

Readers take note. You are being “custom cultivated for armed rebellion” by someone, whether you realize it or not. The way to outwit this mass American “psy-op” [ CIA domestic psychological operation] is to remain nonviolent, no matter what. They will be looking for any excuse to slap martial law onto this country in the next 2 years. Use your constitutional voting powers, remain within the law, and remain non-violent, at all costs. Lastly, we see covert film footage of a FEMA training session in the classroom, where new FEMA recruits are being taught that people like George WAshington, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere and other colonial era American patriots were, in fact, domestic terrorists. So you can clearly see the split motives and doublespeak in action as public TV programming urges Americans to be all stirred up, take up arms, and revolt, yet privately new FEMA recruits are being taught that our founding fathers were all domestic terrorists.

The cognitive dissonance represented in this video makes a wide and deep sweep, encompassing two polar opposite points of view: extreme left wing armed revolt [a la Seattle styled anarchists] and extreme far right [the other message being: “your founding fathers were terrorists and their modern descendants are your enemy, all you young FEMA recruits”]. The video above is a textbook case that demonstrates the fact that NWO operatives work from both ends of the political spectrum to achieve their ultimate ends. What are those ultimate ends at this juncture in U.S. history? The NWO ruling elite want you, America, to become so unhappy and disenfranchised with your country’s “everything” – her politics, her economy, her culture, her leaders, that you rise up and take up armed revolt. And the minute you do that, whap: the trap will be sprung, and the NWO industrial military complex will swing into action, rip what’s left of your civil rights out from under you, and smack martial law onto the entire nation indefinitely. So the moral of my video dissection is this: America MUST remain non-violent, and peaceful, and work within the existing laws of this nation to solve the quandary we find ourselves in, the quandary of having a Commander in Chief and White House who cares not a whit for the Will of the American people, and legislates whatever they deem is right into law, whether “we the people” agree to it – or not. Don’t take the bait, and do not take to the streets, because the way I see mass media “programming” being played out, that’s exactly what the NWO is now socially and psychologically “squeezing” you, from both ends of the political spectrum, to do.

Chase Kyla Hunter CKH on 4.22.2010

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